Periscope: the Musical?!? A message to my Patreon patrons

Greetings, beautiful patrons! Thank you so kindly for your continued support!

You may know that I have shortened the length of my live Progressive Patriot Radio shows to make them very concise, and between 20 minutes and a half hour long, in order to create something you could listen to on a short drive or while working out. I’ve increased the emphasis on body language and speech pattern analysis because people find those episodes the most interesting! (Listen to me analyze the Sy Hersh audio where he reveals that a high level FBI source informed him that Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails here.)

UPDATE AUG 18: Check out my periscope on Antifa — the first time I interacted with them was in 2016 at the Democracy Awakening Convention in DC.


And check out my tongue in cheek Kindergarten Teacher impression as I explain how really truly bad it is that the Trump DOJ responded to a FOIA request with 413 documents … while the prior Administration said there were no records found. Heads are gonna roll (thank GOD).


Additionally, I have begun a fun new project where I create a daily periscope on “whatever the issue of the day is: the musical!” So for example, Deep State: the Musical! or Trump Train: the Musical! You can watch the two I’ve made so far here:



I hope you enjoy them and please stay tuned for more nuanced interviews from your favorite progressive patriot as well as new political commentary on my blog, Messages to Millennials.



Sarah Reynolds


Find Sarah on Patreon here.



One thought on “Periscope: the Musical?!? A message to my Patreon patrons

  1. I must say, Ms. Reynolds, I just watched your video on Sigma males… I found it much more enlightening than I expected. Not to sound too misogynistic, but I was pleasantly surprised by a female’s perspective on relationship/personality break downs within these categorical groups to which we humans (*within gender differences) align. Quite informative. I will be applying into email notifications for further info into your blog, despite my inherent chauvinistic tendencies 🙂
    As well… I’m very right leaning, which comes as a surprise to most that don’t know me intimately.

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