Close Gitmo


Hold about 90 seconds for an operator, a real person, who will come on the line.


Getting Gitmo closed will be up to us, the people. In the video below, I outline a 2 phase plan for us to take action to get it done.

**In Phase I, we’ll ask the President to direct Secretary of Defense Hagel to use the national security waivers to repatriate the 86 men already cleared for release.

**In Phase II, we’ll ask Congress to pass a law authorizing the rest to be transferred to U.S. soil and tried in federal courts.

Then watch me call the White House and send Shaker Aamer a letter at Gitmo.




Sustained pressure will be the key to our progress, and the two components of pressure are requesting and reminding.

What are we reminding the President and Congress of? The fact that they work for us. The day you turn 18, you become the employer of 4 federal employees: the President, your 2 U.S. Senators, and your 1 U.S. Representative. Yes, elected officials have the authority, but we have the power — the power to keep them on the payroll or vote them out.


Film yourself calling the President, then tweet me the link @ Sarah__Reynolds (2 underscores). I’ll post your video on this page of my site. Also, suggested tweets for getting the hashtag #TransferThe86 are at the very bottom of this post.


Here is the text from my video which you can read when you make your phone call (don’t say you voted for him unless you did — see line 3):

Hi, my name is ______________ , and I’m calling from ____, __.

I’m calling today to thank the President for recently reiterating his commitment to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay [which was one of the reasons I vote for him [twice]]. I also want to remind him that no act of Congress is required to use national security waivers — as stated in the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act — to transfer those 86 prisoners who have been cleared for release by the CIA, FBI, and Dept of Defense.

So I’m asking the President to please direct Secretary of Defense Hagel to issue these waivers and go before the Congress to explain that these men, who have never been charged or convicted of any crime, are not a threat to our national security, and that this has been safely determined by that interagency task force.

Thank you very much for your time.


Tweets to Copy/Paste during Phase I — remember, retweeting my tweets will not cause the hashtag to trend! Please copy and paste the text and tweet as your own handle. The goal is to tweet at least 1 tweet with the hash tag #TransferThe86 each night.


@WhiteHouse Pls Order SecOfDefense Hagel to #TransferThe86 cleared by CIA/FBI/DoD for release from #Guantánamo using Nat’l Security Waivers.

@WhiteHouse Please direct Sec of Def Hagel to use NatSecWaiver to transfer Shaker Aamer from GTMO. Legal today, no act of congress required.

@WhiteHouse: Indefinite Detention *is* torture. Please #TransferThe86 who’ve been cleared by the CIA/FBI/DoD for release from #Guantanamo.

@WhiteHouse Gitmo detainee transfers to other countries can happen today under current law: section 1028 of FY 13 NDAA using Nat Sec Waivers

@WhiteHouse: Shaker Aamer cleared by CIA/FBI/DoD for release from #Guantanamo since 2007. 11 years since he saw his wife and 4 children.


2 thoughts on “Close Gitmo

  1. Hi, Sarah. Thanks for following me on Twitter! Your campaign is admirable and so necessary and I wish you good luck with it. Things here in the UK are pretty awful at the moment and we need to do the same with our MPs and PM. I was born way back in 1950 and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a more dishonest government than the one we have right now. There are so many issues of concern. Our great health service (NHS) is being sold off to private equity companies – no-one voted for this in fact the two parties who form the Coalition government both promised to do the opposite during the election campaign then within months of being in office the sell off began. Welfare benefits for the unemployed are being stopped for weeks for all kinds of arbitrary reasons leaving people destitute. Disability payments are being taken away from seriously ill people who are being declared ‘fit for work’ when in several cases they’re terminally ill or have severe learning difficulties. There have been suicides by desperate people left with no income and several seriously ill people have died whilst trying to comply with the order to find work. And the government have defended this using hateful rhetoric that characterises the unemployed and disabled as ‘scroungers’ and ‘workshy’ and worse, inciting hate against them. They’re bringing in a Justice Bill this year that effectively will make access to justice beyond the reach of the poor. Anyone arrested, unless they can afford to, will not get to choose their own lawyer but will be allocated an ‘approved’ lawyer from a list of such lawyers supplied by companies contracted by government – many of these big companies such as G4S have donated money to the Conservatives and already run many of our prisons and probation services. And now the Home Office is running a campaign against illegal immigrants by having vans drive around multi ethnic areas with posters telling them to ‘Go Home ‘ or face arrest and our Border Agency are stopping people in tube stations and checking their passports – mostly people of Asian origin – and tweeting about how many arrests they’ve made. Many people have compared this to Nazi behaviour – it certainly feels that way.
    Apologies for ranting on like this, Sarah. I just wanted to let you know what’s actually going on here. And I’d like to thank you for your support of our Shakar Aamer whose awful situation is rarely mentioned in the UK media. Keep up your good work. Bless you.

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