Postcarding for Progress!



New fB group! We meet the last Monday of every month to send out postcards to Congress on my Laundry List of Items … as of 2016, we are concentrating on #15now, #ExpandSocialSecurity, #StopTheTPP and of course #CloseGitmo.





Congress works for us – we’ll remind them regularly and repeatedly that their job is to represent us, not corporations, and that we are specifically watching how they vote on these issues which will in turn determine if we will vote for them — or their opponent — come re-election. Postcarding is a fast, accessible way to request what we want, remind members of Congress that they work for us, and repeat. Frequency is the key. We will use hashtags, such as #CloseGitmo, #15now, #ExpandSocialSecurity, and more, on the front of our postcards to incorporate the ever-increasing use of social media into our activism.


Sign up here!






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