Spooky #HillaryCampaignPoetry

Spooky #HillaryCampaignPoetry: Our MAGA Response to the Ruthless Hillbot Trolls


The old ball and chain


Donald Trump has now pulled out ALL the stops in his war on corruption, elitism and cronyism. All the mud that Hillary has dug up and thrown at him is being responded to with much MUCH worse mud.



As Juanita Broaddrick put it on October 8, actions are worse than words.



My thoughts on how @RealDonaldTrump should handle the Clinton Camp’s PsyOp:


So now the Hillbots are coming out in full force to discredit Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, among others. And they are attacking anyone on twitter who dares agree with Juanita that in fact, words from 2005 are of far less import to the American public than actions from 2008-2012 when Hillary Clinton was a corrupt Secretary of State using her power to launder money through the Clinton Foundation and offering pay to play to foreign governments like the morally bankrupt criminally careless liar she is.


See this exchange I had with one of them:

Or this interesting but obviously bought and paid for response to my post of the video of Bill’s victims (one of whom he settled out of court with for $850k):

Oh, it’s lies, is it? Hmm … interesting that the most talked about and beloved part of the October 9 debate was when Trump promised justice for the American people when their Secretary of State treated classified documents with extreme carelessness — ways that would get Pence and Kaine’s sons court martialed.

The Clinton Camp is SPOOKED!! BIGLY!

And this inspired some poetry from me — in 140 characters or less.


So tweet me your BEST #ClintonCampaignPoetry — your spookiest Halloween Best!!

As long as the Clinton Camp is spooked (and did you see the look on Bill’s face when he saw his victims out of the corner of his eye at the October 9, 2016 debate?), lets keep them spooked with lots of poems to remind them of the multitude of transgressions. You could write about Rose Law Firm, Whitewatergate, Monica, Gennifer, Benghazi, the Podesta Emails, Wikileakss — the list is literally endless.


I’ll post your poetry on this page!