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Old Archived “About Sarah” page from pre-Trump Train Days

For those who have been following me since my pro-Obama days back in 2012 but haven’t seen my website since then, you may not know that I boarded the Trump Train one very special day: the day Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton.


And you may be wondering, hey, where did Sarah’s old LONG “About me” page go??


Here it is. Reminisce away. Those were the days alright. Before I moved to D.C. in 2018. Before we knew about the DNC Fraud Lawsuit and the Wikileaks emails that exposed collusion at the highest levels of government to rig the democratic nomination to ensure that Bernie never had a chance and that Hillary would be coronated queen — er I mean, President. Before I lost three friendships because I switched from Bernie to Trump. Before literally hundreds of correct the record trolls harassed me twenty-four hours a day to shame me into voting for the sociopath. Before Seth Rich, the source of the DNC email leak to Wikileaks, and a primary witness in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit, dropped dead. And before Shawn Lucas, the process server and secondary witness in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit dropped dead. So much Arkancide, SO LITTLE TIME, amirite?!? But it was all worth it, because Hillary Clinton will never ever hold public office again. Thank you, Jesus, Holy Spirit and God!



Sarah lives in St Paul, MN, where she signs a petition a day to keep the fascism away, protests injustice and objects to abuse of power by authority on a semi-regular basis, and hosts the weekly blog talk radio show, the Progressive Patriot, on Sunday nights at 10 pm Central time. This is a live show but if you missed past episodes and would like to catch up, they are archived for your convenience. (2018 update – show is on hiatus for now.)



Sarah created this website to serve as a source of inspiration, information, and encouragement to the Millennial generation, each of these posts intended to act as a reminder of the call to create and sustain a world of democracy, social justice, and nonviolent conflict resolution. The brilliant strategy to induce the widespread usage of either/or trigger words (such as left/right, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, etc.) is very effectively dividing and conquering generation after generation. The innate inspiration and drive of the Millennials will be instrumental in uniting and motivating multiple generations, in turn, to contribute to a paradigm shift that could lead to a state of affairs on Earth much more tangible than the oft-repeated catchphrase world peace, and that is world joy.



You’ll notice that Sarah leans to the left on most political issues as you peruse the site, and she asks you to bear in mind that no government style is perfect because all governments are comprised of human beings who are flawed. Government can no more legislate goodness into people than religion can force flaw out of them; indeed before Separation of Church and State, i.e. separation of religion and government, religion was simply a competing governing body, picking up with religious doctrine wherever government decree left off, greed for power at the core of the one perpetually mirroring greed for money at the root of the other. That said, her laundry list of issues she intends to organize and inspire large groups of people to petition their (her) government for a redress of include 1) Gitmo (close it), 2) drone strikes (end them by repealing AUMF and restore due process; drone strikes are executions without trial — charging people with a crime in a court of law comes first, then a trial) 3) the PATRIOT Act (which is the opposite of how a patriot would act — repeal it), 4) NAFTA a.k.a. the North American Free Trade Agreement (withdraw from it), 5) TPP a.k.a. the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (withdraw from all negotiations, #StopTheTPP) [2017 UPDATE, TRUMP PULLED US OUT OF ALL TPP NEGOTIATIONS! #Winning], 6) universal health care (put all primary physicians on federal payroll — what is a doctor but a judge of disease? let’s have a Health System as amazing as our Justice System was prior to 9/11), 7) income inequality (raise the minimum wage to $16.00/hour for full time workers, and require all employers to offer a forty hour work week to all employees, 8) Wall Street Speculation (choke it with  1% Tobin tax on every transaction), and 9) Social Security (save it by funding it via a flat tax on all income, not just the first $113,700).