About Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah Reynolds. Please follow me on Twitter at @Sarah__Reynolds (that’s TWO underscores; if you search “Sarah Reynolds,” my handle will not come up due to Twitter’s ongoing censorship of Trump supporters). I tweet every day, many times a day, and it is the best place to see snippets of my thoughts and actions in real time. You might also enjoy my reflections on tribal roles, including alpha, beta, sigma and omega (start HERE with my viral youtube video on the Elusive Sigma Male!!) Body language and speech pattern analysis is always more fun when we view it through the lens of tribal roles.


I live in Washington, DC, where I try to sign a petition a day to keep the fascism away, protest injustice and object to abuse of power by authority on a semi-regular basis, and host the weekly blog talk radio show, the Progressive Patriot, on Sunday nights at 11 pm Eastern time. This is a live show but if you missed past episodes and would like to catch up, they are archived for your convenience. (2018 update – show is on hiatus for now.)


I also like to create videos, blogposts and periscopes that expose the BRILLIANT strategy to induce the widespread usage of either/or trigger words (such as left/right, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, etc.), a strategy that is very effectively dividing and conquering generation after generation. We could call it a conspiracy but it’s happening right out in the open. So don’t forget to like and subscribe, and oh yeah — live every day like you’re dying. Because you are!


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Thank you for your support.


(Missing the old pre-Trump Train “About me” page with the text from 2016? Find it here!!)