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What is Pizzagate? Is Pizzagate real? Why do Pizzagate researchers keep disappearing?

If you’re new to the Pizzagate controversy/conspiracy theory, suffice it to say that this blogpost is going to be a very superficial FAQ. In other words, the equivalent of the paragraph synopsis of the course description of Pizzagate 101. Why? Because I don’t feel like writing about these (allegedly) sick sadistic psychopaths and never wanted to muck up my blog with even one reference to their existence … until David Seaman deleted all his videos – ALL OF THEM, EVEN THE ONES THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH PIZZAGATE, even his bitcoin/gold sound money, anti-fiat currency videos — off youtube,  vidme and vimeo. So who is David and why does that matter? He’s a socially liberal, fiscally libertarian journalist and news analyst who has created at least a video a day since the Podesta emails were released by WikiLeaks in the run-up to election day last year. And he focused heavily on the pizzagate scandal. On the morning of Saturday, Feb 25, 2017, he released a video explaining that he’d taken down his twitter after being ruthlessly trolled by readers of a hit piece that appeared on Buzzfeed news to smear David’s excellent reputation on a multitude of social media platforms. This piece insinuated that David is a liar,  and — get this — claims that youtube unfairly allows its broadcasters to reach many viewers with content. Really. David said in this (final?) video that he needed to focus on his health, and that immediately made me think back to Ben Swann, another pizzagate researcher who suddenly stopped creating video content on youtube. Swann posted a cryptic message about “those who know me, trust me” in a pinned tweet before he went completely dark, deleted his twitter, facebook and youtube and DISAPPEARED FROM THE INTERNET.  Sure enough, later that day, all of David’s videos were gone too.


So who is Ben Swann? A mainstream media journalist, of all occupations. Ben Swann investigated many controversial topics, such as US involvement in Syria, while at the same time, holding down the desk anchor teleprompter reading night job at a CBS affiliate in Atlanta, GA. And this affiliate was so progressive that they allowed him to research and deliver a “Reality Check” segment once a week where he could present the facts on a unique subject of his choice, and one week in January of 2017, that unique subject was pizzagate. Now the original video was deleted, but as you know, the internet is forever. Here it is:



If you didn’t have time to watch it, the gist of it is this: while there are no mentions of any child sex trafficking ring, or even pedophilia, in the WikiLeaks emails between super lobbyist John Podesta and many other people, there are multiple references to what may or may not be a code language that refers to children in a sexualized way, and there are multiple references to Comet Ping Pong pizza (whose slogan is Play Eat Drink – yeah, PED), which is owned by James Alefantis (who has a surname that was made up at some point in the last 100 years — verify that for yourself here through Ancestry’s name search tool, then try a normal not made up last name, for example, Reynolds or Thomas, and you will see a legit last name that goes back hundreds of years, as a family name should). Now, James has an instagram, handle @jimmycomet, with so many photos so disturbing that Ben Swann declares them unfit for broadcast on television. Yes, the nightly news that regularly shows images of war, robbery, shooting, fighting and death — that nightly news. These instagram images posted by the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza are too disturbing to be broadcast at 6:00 pm. On the news. I’m only going to embed one in this blog post because it’s so fucking fucked up but this little girl is the reason I’m going to start making videos on Pizzagate.


Click on the photo to read a more detailed blog post on the pizzagate scandal


Ben also talked about the 2007 FBI document that shows which symbols correspond to which type of predator’s preference, and notes that Besta Pizza (2 doors down from Comet Ping Pong) has a logo that has one of these pedophilia symbols right in the middle of the logo. And as soon as this interesting detail made the rounds on the internet, Besta changed their logo to remove the symbol. Just a coincidence? Please. And bizarre violent art (with images of decapitated people) “decorates” the wall of this “family friendly” restaurant. And a band called “Sex Stains” with the same symbol that was removed from the Besta Pizza logo in their videos regularly performs live at Comet Pizza.


So all Ben called for in this particular Reality Check was an investigation; he closes the segment with, “the big question here is why hasn’t any investigation taken place?” Days later he was gone. Disappeared from youtube and all other social media (his Wikipedia page is still up, however, unlike David Seaman’s).


Now, Ben didn’t even scratch the surface (and he uses that exact phrase) due to the constraints of television, and one of the most crucial details he didn’t mention is all the times that foods that are known code words used to refer to children are mentioned in the Podesta Emails. It’s bleak – just too fucking horrifying for words. But David DID. He fearlessly and tirelessly provided updates and correctly predicted, based on a tip from a source he referred to as being within the intelligence community, that a major arrest would happen in the next 24 hours the day before convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky’s son Jeffrey was arrested for the same thing. David knows his stuff, and if you’re familiar with the Goliath story, you know how this will end. (David, please come back to twitter as soon as you can … everyone else, please donate to his patreon in case he is in need of a lawyer or just a vacation from all the darkness and horror.)


If you are searching for more answers or details, a Pizzagate 202, so to speak, a youtuber named Marty Leeds made this video he calls a Pizzagate Primer. It’s over an hour long but it is by far the best compilation of all the clues and references to known euphemisms so far.




(Update  from 2018, Marty Leeds’ channel was terminated by YouTube. Luckily a different channel has uploaded the video so you can watch it here:)



FINALLY, take heart. Law enforcement is on it. Watch this DHS public service announcement. The camera pauses on the neon PIZZA sign while telling us, the viewer, “The signs are everywhere. Sometimes you just have to take a second look!”



The situation is well in hand; it is most likely a matter of time, patience, and building a bulletproof case. FBI Director Comey stood up to Donald Rumsfeld years ago, back when Comey was acting Attorney General, regarding continuing an unsavory, likely unconstitutional, special access program at Guantanamo during the Bush/Cheney regime. This is not a man who is afraid of the elite or their “circle of friends” or any other VIP’s who talk about flying in thousands of dollars worth of pizza and hotdogs from Chicago for everyone to enjoy or who email each other about which would be better, playing dominoes on cheese or pasta. And our complete set of balls president, President Donald Trump, publicly declared on Feb 23, 2017 that all the child traffickers are to be rounded up and arrested, that his goal is to end human trafficking. So watch that PSA again. Because the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are telling us something in this brief spot: the signs are everywhere.



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