Going Around to Get What You Want

The distance between point a and point b we measure in space. The distance between moment a and moment b we measure in time.


So the shortest distance — measured in space — between 2 points might very well be a straight line, but the shortest amount of time between 2 points could involve a very wavy trajectory.


Go around! Go around other people who are in the way. It always takes more time to stop and deal with them than to go around.


Your time is measurably valuable. Spend it on taking action to achieve your personal goals, making the world a better place, and enjoying life while you’re still healthy and have the fewest obligations, obligations which could, later in life, keep you from traveling, taking calculated risks, and meeting new and interesting people (obligations such as raising children and maintaining owned property).


What action are you going to take today to leave Earth a better place for future generations? And what part of being alive on this amazing planet are you going to enjoy most, so that when you look back on your life at the end of it (or afterwards, if you believe in an afterlife), you’ve also prevented regret?


Trying killing two birds with one stone today and prevent regret by going around.


Make it a great one!


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