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I’m Officially an Elonskeptic

When people tell you who they are, believe them

I was never expecting a savior but what’s happening now is actually worse: people are calling Musk a king.

Oh wait – they’re literally calling him a king because he legally filed a title change with the SEC to rename his position “Techno King.”

See for yourself: Oh how human beings love being ruled, love monarchy, and looooooove anyone they can throw the label benevolent on. Like throwing velcro at plexiglass.

Elon Musk is a human being. And when human beings tell you who they are, believe them.

Now, I don’t completely agree with Tom Molloy’s take below but let’s definitely analyze Musk’s argument, which, from a philosophical/logical analysis, appears to “beg the question.”

So much for absolute free speech.

Lots to unpack here but let’s stick with just the carry-on. Very quickly, there’s an assumption in line 3 (a false premise) that people ask their governments to pass laws. It’s totally bizarre (illogical). People barely give a shit about voting (in the United States, less than half the eligible population shows up on election day – and that’s IF it’s a Presidential election!) to say even less about the DIY wisdom tooth extraction people act like you’re asking them to perform when you suggest they pick up a telephone and call their legislator to ask them to vote a certain way on a given bill. LMAO – what the hell are you talking about, Elon???

Then in line 4 he says, “going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people.” But for that to be true, “staying within the law is consistent with the will of the people” would have to also be true. That’s quite the assumption, and he offers no evidence to back up such a broad claim. In contrast, the writers of the US Constitution specifically delineated their desire to avoid direct democracy (i.e. the will of the people) in order to prevent the “tyranny of the majority.” Representative government (in the US, our democratic republic, also known as a constitutional republic) might lead to laws being passed that are consistent with the will of the people. And other times, definitely will not. By design! By the founding fathers’ strategic pre-meditated design.

Ok, so are we to infer that he’s totally on board with censoring speech as long as it’s within the law? Yes, read line 2 again.

What happened??? OMFG!

They got to him. (Remember when Bernie said, “if I ever tell you to vote for Hillary Clinton, don’t believe me”? And then he endorsed her?)

Who’s “they”? The EU. To wit:

Ah. I see. Mr Musk knows this well. (He does now.)

And who is telling Musk that he WILL comply with the EU’s Digital Services Act (which specifically outlaws freedom of speech) whether he likes it or not?

A censorship czar.

Now, people change … but not much, as wise PsyD and author Dr. Neal Clark Warren says. When people say something really wackjobial (here, the job in wackjobial is pronounced like the eponymous book of the bible), so wackjobial as to be completely out of character, something has indeed changed. But not the person’s personality preferences.

Six Possible Reasons people could say or do something out of character (here we refer to people over the age of 25 whose prefrontal cortex has finished growing so that their personality is fully “set” so to speak):

Head injury



They are being held a gunpoint

The person(s) they love most is being held at gunpoint


Take your pick! It’s so SO easy to get people to move. Soooooo easy. Right, Terry? And lest you doubt that Elon Musk ever truly was a free speech absolutist, here is a small sampling of times he said he was.

… And …

Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit! I guess Elon Musk had a change of heart! He traded his devotion to absolute free speech (this is anything except shouting fire in a theater and calling for imminent violence, such as tweeting, “let’s go set this crowded theater on fire right now”) for “speech which matches the law.” Yep, the law will be quite different in the EU from what it is in the United States, Elon. Terry made that CRYSTAL clear.

Gee, I wonder which of the Six Reasons people say or do something out of character applied in this particular instance?

In England, the law is even more restrictive — and capricious as it is dependent on the whims of whoever happens to occupy their Secretary of State office (see the middle column, second paragraph).

But Musk’s cray free speech tweet was not even the impetus behind my composing this substack. This tweet about the “encrypted communication” app Signal was:

Here are both the times he has tweeted about Signal so far:

Lol!! This is hilarious! Signal is a government op. No, seriously. As Yasha Levine, author of Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet writes in his substack:

Exactly how much cash Signal got from the U.S. government is hard to gauge, as Moxie and Open Whisper System have been opaque about the sources of Signal’s funding. But if you tally up the information that’s been publicly released by the Open Technology Fund, the Radio Free Asia conduit that funded Signal, we know that Moxie’s outfit received at least $3 million over the span of four years — from 2013 through 2016. That’s the minimum Signal got from the feds.

Three mil might not seem like much these days, especially because Signal recently got a huge infusion of WhatsApp oligarch cash to keep its operation going. But it’s important to know that without this early U.S. government seed money, there would be no Signal today. And that makes you think: If Signal’s super crypto tech truly posed a threat to the feds and to our oligarchy’s power, why would the feds bankroll its creation? And why would Facebook and Google rush to adopt its super-secure protocols? H’mmmmm…

As I put it succinctly in 2021 after both Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk started pimping the app (coincidentally, just after the January 6 Live Action Role Play at the Capitol), Signal was first promoted for journalists and then later for everyone else because it was created as a dragnet for all communications sent specifically with the intention of hiding them from the government (same with TOR).

Hint: if one branch of the government literally gathers/collects (SURVEILS) communications which they affectionately term “Signals Intelligence” and then one day you are mysteriously encouraged to send communications using an app coincidentally NAMED Signal, they’re telling you (teasing you, laughing at you, etc.) up front — right out in the open — that they have categorized in advance all of those texts as signals. And you know what happens next, right?

To end on a bright note, (not that you need it, you human rock of resiliency), check this math: only 22% of Americans even use twitter! Ha! After the margin of error, basically 1 in 5. It has no power to sway elections. Hillary didn’t lose because of Wikileaks any more than Trump “lost” because the Hunter Biden laptop story was censored. Twitter is an insane asylum echo chamber which is probably why the new owner is walking around mumbling to himself so we all can hear.

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Hey @Target: are you seriously forcing your employee @realTargetTori to re-gift her GoFundMe?

Target: are you seriously forcing your employee to re-gift her GoFundME? What’s wrong with you??

In case you live in the real world and not in the de facto divide-and-conquer operation/echo chamber known as Twitter, you may have missed the absolute fiasco that occurred at a Target store in New England last week.

A guy name David Leavitt freaked out and actually called The Cops when a Target store manager wouldn’t honor a ridiculously low and obviously erroneously priced electric toothbrush. It was priced at one cent. Yes, a penny.


The police told him they’d testify that they saw the price — oh, at the store manager’s trial? Where she’s charged for … apologizing? Taking responsibility for some poor minimum wage earner who accidentally mispriced merchandise during their overnight shift? Who is this guy?

Here’s who he is — or at least his twitter bio:


Yes, he’s a classic omega male: plays magic the gathering (#MTG), but assures us he is a casual player only, publicly humiliates himself with abandon, can’t afford a toothbrush, declares this to everyone and doesn’t feel embarrassed about admitting it, pulls authority figures (police) into drama unnecessarily, feels absoLUTEly certain that people in an authority position are out to get him (i.e. store managers). These things don’t make him a bad person. They indicate that he is a sad person. (And sad people will do bad things, do and say things that hurt others, even when they are desperately trying not to.)


That’s when the amazing memesmith known as Carpe Donktum rode up on his twitter steed, and gallantly started a GoFundMe, to send Tori on a vacation because, “anyone who has to deal with this twerp [omega male David Can’t-Leavitt-Alone] definitely deserves one.”


If you have a moment, check Carpe’s TL and replies to his original tweet to see how the Daily Beast and other assorted negative Nelly naysayers twisted this and pretended that he was actually going to keep the money for himself, and even lied about reaching out to him for comment, as they tried to portray his good will as something selfish and sordid. But whyyyyyyy, you might ask, did Carpe call David a twerp? A significant label for someone obviously on the far side of mental illness having a very public breakdown over an incorrectly priced electric toothbrush, no? Well, because Leavitt hates Trump. Like many omegas, Leavitt suffers from black and white thinking, where there is no middle ground, where people — politicians and other authority figures, especially — are all good or all bad. And nothing in between. This inability to see reality — to see the Glass of Life as it truly is, as half filled with water and half filled with air — is a personality weakness. A gaping personality wound. But Leavitt is in good company. Many people have this problem.


And in contrast, Carpe likes President Trump. And is (I believe, I didn’t check with him) sick of people like Leavitt and other members of the mainstream media lying about Trump. Interestingly, a few Trump supporters suffer from the same black and white thinking as our Omega male, David Leavitt, but in reverse, and see Trump as all good, as a savior. The majority of Trump supporters know that President Trump, because he is human, is not perfect. But they like POTUS’ policies and policy goals. Trump is fearless and strong (this is objectively true, whether a voter approves of his actions and words or not), which is better than perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist so perfect can’t check things off the to-do list. Perfect procrastinates and has the best of intentions but never gets anything accomplished. Fearless and strong is who you call when you want to get shit done.


People who were shamed early in life by authority figures for being imperfect often feel compelled to throw public tantrums over perceived external imperfections. Their life, their very existence, has become the crib, and they are still crying out for attention, to Dad (the police, in this example) and Mom (the store manager, Target Tori) to come pick them up and comfort them over something that to you and I would be no big deal, but to them, feels like an outrageous injustice.


It’s as sad as it sounds. (If you are a religious or spiritual person as I am, you might take a moment to pray for David and ask God to send him the professional helpers who can assist him in climbing out of the crib and standing on his own feet, so that in his joyful future, he opens his mouth to release words that help others instead of hurt them. “Please God, let David be miraculously healed of all pain and suffering by the power of your love” is a quick prayer we could all send up. Please invoke the deity of your choice, if you wish.)


Now back to the actual injustice: David harassing this most likely tired and overworked Target store manager in front of her peers and all the other customers, doxing her in an even larger public square — twitter — and generally succeeding at making her life miserable. People are infuriated. The twitterverse is incensed. The outpouring of support for her in reply to David Leavitt’s nasty tweets is astounding. But while yes, it’s true that twitter is very chatty, money really talks. And soon, subjects of the Twitterdom are getting out their wallets as quickly as they can send tweets. Carpe’s GoFundMe’s original $5,000 goal was met in a day. Then donations doubled. Then quintupled. (Yes, as of this blog publication date, Tori could afford a very excellent adventure indeed with the more than $30k crowdfunded by Carpe and Company.)


So, a few days pass and Tori is tracked down and made aware of her good fortune, her reward, as it were, for her patience and good customer service. Carpe announces the good news to his followers and then turns the entire account over to Tori, once he has confirmed with Target Corporate that she is THEE Tori.


And then, to my surprise, she tweets  … simply this:


In case her tweet mysteriously disappears, I have saved the image and embedded it in my post. I will also transcribe the text below.



I would like to thank all of you for your generosity. It is inspiring to see so many people united for a good cause.


If I have learned anything from this experience, it is that people are good and that these acts of kindness cannot stop with me.


I am currently working with resources to find a cause that is worthy of your generosity and something that you would ALL be proud to donate to.


Your support has changed my life.


Now, my first thought was immediately, “Tori, no, YOU are the cause everyone was proud to donate to. No one made a donation to some other organization, or wanted to. What? Why are you saying this??”


But then I read it again, slowly. And the word “resources” stuck out like a red flag from the pit of human resources hell. Ah, yes. Ever worked for corporate America and learned their version of Newspeake? HR “specialists” who say, “On the go-forward, we’ll …” and who ooze, “Thank you for sharing that with me!” in an eerily gleeful response no matter the issue and bark, “What questions can I answer!” instead of asking sincerely, “are there any questions?” And assure everyone in a meeting that, “This is just a high level view. View from a thousand feet.” Yuck. Why don’t they just say, “going forward, we’ll….” or say, “I don’t want to go on and on about boring details, this is just an overview” instead of using language that is literally condescending? Let’s not answer those questions now, let’s instead analyze the text of the message that Target Tori tweeted because there are several indicators that someone who speaks HR Newspeake wrote it, and not a normal person who would have been properly socialized to be able to work directly with customers, face to face, as Tori clearly was.


Line 1: “I would like to thank all of you for your generosity.” Fair enough. Saying thank you is always good. “I would like to …” is the HR intro. Normal people tweet, “Thank you so much for …!!” But ok. Not terrible yet. “It is inspiring to see so many people united for a good cause.” This literally isn’t a good cause. Who wrote this? This is everyday people uniting to give Tori a gift of money for having to put up with dickhole behavior. This is not a normal gofundme. Store managers have to put up with horrible customers every day all day. That’s why stores have managers. Literally (and to schedule workers’ shifts). Tori’s car didn’t break down. She’s not crowdfunding a surgery for her kid. There’s no good cause. No one’s homeless or trying to pay for college. This is pure vengeance. This is sticking it to David Leavitt. This is the tribe saying, “David, if you hadn’t been such a dick, maybe someone would have crowdfunded YOU the money to buy an electric toothbrush. But no. So instead we’re going to raise enough money for the woman you treated like shit to buy a MILLION electric toothbrushes.” (Someone, please correct my math — it’s late.) LOL, HR — “good cause.”

Line 2: “If I have learned anything from this experience, it is that people are good and that these acts of kindness cannot stop with me.” There was nothing kind about any single one of the acts of donating money. Generosity? Yes. Kindness? No. TARGET. Do you know what kindness is? LOOK AT YOUR EMPLOYEE, Tori. Look at her face in the photograph Leavitt took, as she humbly and gently tolerates a mentally ill customer’s attempts to humiliate her, in front of her peers and other customers, in your store, after a long day spent constantly on her feet. THAT is the face of kindness. People aren’t good! LOL! (As you well know: remember when you were motivated by greed to lay off half the employees at Target HQ in Minneapolis back in 2017?) Target HR, you lucked out when you hired Tori. TORI is good. Tori is kind. “People” as an aggregate are often neither. And why can’t the acts of kindness stop with her? What weirdo wrote this? It’s rude — impolite — to reject a gift. Are you seriously forcing your employee to re-gift her GoFundME? What’s wrong with you??


Target: are you seriously forcing your employee to re-gift her GoFundME? What’s wrong with you??


Line 3: “I am currently working with resources to find a cause that is worthy of your generosity and something that you would ALL be proud to donate to.”

First of all, Tori, YOU are the cause that was worthy of everyone’s generosity and not one single person who donated to you wanted their money to be “paid forward.” They wanted YOU to spend it. On YOU. Literally, Carpe specified that he wanted you to use it to go on a vacation away from Target. Is Target unwilling to give you PTO or to let you use your PTO? If that’s the case, then you need to talk to an employment lawyer. PLEASE. If their HR team is coercing you to give YOUR money away, again, please talk to a lawyer. Target doesn’t care about you. They care about THEM and their public relations. A WHOLE SHIT TON of Trump supporters cobbled together $30 grand for their beleaguered employee. They don’t want any PR “complications” (read: blowback) from that fact.


But back to the words specifically chosen for line 3: someone, some Head of Human Resources, removed the word “human” before resources because it made it seem like HR was influencing Tori’s decision as far as what Tori will (read: is ALLOWED TO) do with her money. (HER money. Not YOUR money, Target.) But the word pattern takes on a whole new level of sinister when the word “human” is removed. Who or what IS “resources”??? Who or what, indeed, is Tori being forced to “work with” in order to “find a cause”? Gross. My hope is that you the reader can feel the primal pull in your gut when you read the last line, as you imagine the fakiest fake faker of an HR person you’ve ever met pulling Tori off the floor, into a back office, and saying, “We just want to explore the space we’re in as far as gofundme’s in general on the go-forward. So-and-so wanted me to circle back and really engage your thoughts while we thoughtfully path-consider. My hope would be that we can really expand on the team vision while we goal-set and dream-weave and partner in a future that’s 100% focus-based and unity-oriented. Does that make sense? What questions can I answer?”


Yeah. No. If you were one of the many people who donated to Tori’s GoFundMe, I hope you will consider sharing this post and then reaching out to her with a kind tweet (reply to @realTargetTori) to let her know that SHE is the good cause, that SHE is worthy of receiving ALL the money and spending it on whatever SHE wants.


Here was my response to her this morning:


I’m no financial advisor, but that’s what I would wish for anyone who came into an unexpected small fortune. Please, Internet friends and twitter family, let’s not let Target ruin this blessing for Tori.


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“Putting the Try in Country, now put the Succeed in Country”

A Rare Super Alpha Male…

The Three Types of Alpha Males:


Why Ron Wyden’s Traitorous About Face on #FastTrack for the #TPP?

Author’s update: as of June 23, the Senate voted 60-37 to stop debate on Trade Promotion Authority, also commonly called “Fast Track” for the TPP. The next day the Senate passed TPA and on Monday, June 29, 2015, President Obama signed it into law. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE’RE DONE FIGHTING. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement itself has not been passed – only President Obama’s ability to “fast track” it (approve it by bypassing Congress’ constitutional right to make amendments to it) BUT there is STILL time if you are reading this now. In fact, please read the inspiring comment from Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch department in the 3 images below explaining that Fast Track was passed before in the late 1990’s in order to be used on the FTAA but after much public outcry, the FTAA was never even voted on! Then please sign PCGTW’s petition declaring that you will never stop fighting the TPP.






The Trans Pacific Partnership “Free” Trade Agreement, if it is passed, will be nothing less than a corporate coup d’etat whose endgame is a total defunding of state and federal government via erosion of the taxpayer base through the strategic disappearance of jobs that provide the income from which that tax is collected.














And what happened to Senator Ron Wyden? Ron Wyden who was all “transparency is my middle name”?



He is so unconcerned about transparency nowadays that he is perfectly content to vote for the constitution-violating process known as “Fast Track” technically termed Trade Promotion Authority [TPA] because it gives all the AUTHORITY to the President (removing any amending capability from the Congress, meaning no changes whatsoever) to approve a trade agreement corporations have helped craft and members of congress can’t even keep a copy of. Seriously. Members of Congress can only read the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement in a locked room and aren’t allowed to take their cell phones or a pen inside and have been forbidden to talk about what they read. So guess who they can’t talk about it with. THEIR CONSTITUENTS. Hmm … I wonder who that would benefit.











Sound like a reason for concern? Put it this way, would you sign a pre-nup before you had a look-see? This is the lawyers hashing it out, with no consent from either husband or wife regarding the terms of the final contract. (And remember, they’ll be billed hourly. Do the lawyers have a monetary incentive to make a divorce as painful and drawn out as possible? Why, yes! They DO!!)



So now that Senator Traitor, the one Senator who had the power to stop this whole messy charade in its tracks, has gone to the dark side, it’s one hundred percent relevant that he pulled this same self-serving passive-aggressive rigamarole in 2013. Section 215 ring a bell? Oh, yeah, that time he tried to entrap DNI Clapper into committing a felony and disclosing classified information about the metadata collection. Uh huh, yes, the lying under oath to Congress Snowden was rightfully pissed off about. This is what happened: Pawn Wyden put Clapper in the position of choosing — on the spot on live national television — between answering the question, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” with the word no and committing perjury OR answering the question with the word yes and committing a felony. Nice.



You can watch the exchange here starting at 3:27 (it should start playing at that moment if all embeds well):




But here’s how Senator Wyden has doubly betrayed his oath to the constitution: he not only already knew about Section 215 because everyone on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence knew about it because they had ALL previously been informed by Clapper himself in a private letter all the way back in 2011, but, as a US Senator, Wyden has something known as “absolute free speech.” This literally means that he could read the *unredacted* Senate Torture Report, in its entirety, on CSPAN, without repercussion. (Well, he might not get re-elected. Then again, a whole new generation might show up to the polls for him.) Or any classified redacted document … including the Section 215 letter (the one from Clapper to the SSCI outlining the metadata collection from 2011). So, instead of, say, taking a picture of it with his phone and posting it on instagram or tweeting that Section 215 letter one word at a time to all his super supportive followers and letting the ACLU know he’s got some juicy retweet fodder, what does he do? He asks a question he knows the DNI is forbidden to answer truthfully when all along, Wyden could have blown the whistle himself! And should have! What a passive-aggressive hypocrite. To really put it in perspective, Wyden could have done exactly what Snowden ended up doing before Snowden — and maybe Snowden never would have!



To really put it in perspective, Wyden could have done exactly what Snowden ended up doing before Snowden — and maybe Snowden never would have!


Ironically, Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA, put it best: “Ron Wyden was trying to trick Jim Clapper into making an admission of classified information that Ron Wyden didn’t have the courage to make himself.” Really think about that (and you can watch him say it in the video below starting at 1:01:50). Hayden is not only saying that Wyden is a coward, he’s saying that if Wyden HAD had the balls to tell the People about Section 215, it would have been courageous! An act of bravery to disclose that classified information. Michael Hayden probably didn’t even realize what he said but his words are tantamount to a request for whistleblowing.



Once again, my tweets say it shortest and sweetest.













Now watch this incredible short video made by true patriot Congressman Alan Grayson on the economic evisceration perpetrated by our Congress against our country through NAFTA, and how the TPP is NAFTA on steroids. Anyone who supports the TPP actively desires not only the erosion of our income tax base through the disappearance of our INCOME (via the elimination of our JOBS), they actively desire that we no longer have funds to pay the public servants who make up the agencies of our federal government. Then ask yourself who benefits if we can no longer afford to have a functioning FBI, CIA, FTC, or even an FDA. Now how about a functioning Justice Department. Guess everyone could just languish in prison till they die and never get a trial. Gee, who benefits from that?





There’s still time. PLEASE call your Senators and ask them to vote NO on TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) aka Fast Track and no on the TPP altogether. What they need to hear you say are these exact words: “If you vote for TPA, I will vote for your opponent come election day.” Click here to find your Senator’s phone #.



And oh, yeah, this little reminder about Wyden and Nike sleeping together in the same filthy bed.


#LinkMyScrotum or Trolls Are People Too

Last night, my twitter timeline exploded into a comedy of errors brought on by the typo of one single troll. (See, trolls, you can make a difference!) The takeaway is that trolls make typos too and because trolls are people too and feel embarrassed when they make mistakes (just like non-trolls), they too will delete a tweet once they realize that they typed, for example, the word link instead of the word lick. See image below.


Trolls Make Typos Too




GOPBullhorn, as he calls himself, was particularly offended by this tweet of mine:





So he replied:





Now for those of you who have followed me on twitter a long time, you know that I believe that trolls are deliberately and strategically trying to/succeeding at stealing our time. In other words, when they get you to respond, they win AND they take (steal!!) minutes away from you, minutes that you could spend on your true mission which is to tweet to that demographic of people who *are* receptive to your message. BUT – and it’s a big butt – if another person or entity is mentioned in the tweet, as Walmart was in this case, then I will often reply in order to make the PR/twitter person at that organization/entity take note that WeThePeople are watching and taking action. So I replied:






And IMMEDIATELY a crowd of members of my “twitter family,” as I call them, leapt to my defense and took on this troll with more vim and vigor than this blogger knew existed on a Saturday night online!


And this troll was truly horrible – insulted my friend Jesus and called us morons, fuckers, etc., here …





and here:





*Yes, the article from Business Insider, which cited statistical information from 1913 to 2008, was indeed from 2011 which means it’s actually four years old. Luckily, the historical data I quoted in my tweet didn’t change between 2011 and 2015. So that’s good!!


But it gets better. At this point, I had stopped replying to the troll but was favoriting all the responses from my twitter family who were valiantly defending the truth, and that’s when GOPBullhorn tweeted the “link my scrotum” comment. So then I replied to that, saying, “LOL, click on the link” – which made him realize his mistake and delete the tweet. But I of course had taken a screen shot of it.





And this is where the hilarity ensued: Julie seemed genuinely confused when she tweeted this …



And Mad Dad tweeted this …





to which I replied…





and then because things had gotten so out of hand, I remarked that this is better than an ’80’s sitcom – that I hoped the NSA was enjoying the comedy of errors my TL had become that evening, and Julie (still in complete seriousness, I thought) replied …



I was literally rolling on the floor laughing! Well, on the couch. Which led to the realization that I should make the whole thing a blog post AND …





So from now on, whenever any of us gets trolled, lets use this hashtag as a way to alert each other. Think we can get #LinkMyScrotum trending?


Finally, the moral of the story …