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The Nathan Hale Park Interviews Coming this Spring

Happy Almost February.


Let me say first that running into Boomers at Nathan Hale Park at 10 o’clock at night is always a good time. In this case, it served as the impetus for getting the NHP Interviews out of stage 1, idea, and into stage 2, setting the date and time with various people to get the show on the road (getting the show on the road is stage 3).



Now, to me and many other Minnesotans, making it to February is practically to March which is practically Spring, so right around January 28 (yesterday), I start thinking about what I’m so excited to do once the snow melts.



And I am so excited to start these interviews! You’ll notice on my youtube channel that I already have talked with one person at NHP and the topic was voting (thanks, Rosebud!). My idea here is to try to amp it up a notch and talk to more people, other social justice lovers and constitution buffs, in the park and see what their opinions are on the issues.



Remember, this is the opposite of the Divide and Conquer energy that the mainstream media uses to keep us all thinking in terms of liberal and conservative, black and white, right and left, etc. This will be about real people and their real opinions about how we can object to abuse of power by authority and protest injustice (as affirmed in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution) in ways that get things done, in the Unite and Leave the World a Better Place way.






On the night I took the above photo (this past Sunday), I was walking home from work and the snow had just finished falling and everything around downtown was beautiful so I took a few pictures (one was the photo of the Landmark Center on my personal facebook page). As I climbed to the top of Ramsey Hill, it occurred to me that Nate might look good with a little snow on him so I headed right instead of left on Summit — only to discover two Boomers taking pictures of him!! What?!?! So I call out, “What are the chances that two people would want to take a picture of Nathan Hale on the same night?” So the woman — probably the same age my mom would be if she were alive — launches into the story about Nathan Hale and how he is a true American hero! HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m thinking – yes, I’ve heard this story before! (I think that’s what her husband was thinking too.) And she closed with, “I always tell people who don’t appreciate their rights that Nathan Hale died so you could vote.” I replied, “Yes, my mom told me the same story when I was little at this very park and it actually inspired me to start a blog called messages to millennials!” She then offered to take a picture of me and I thanked her and said I’d be okay with just a picture of Nathan by himself.



So far, I have two USPS mail carriers who have tentatively agreed to chat in the park about the challenges the postal service faces and some tricky 2006 legislation that heavily influences the way they do business and how that affect us, the People. And then I’m going to ask them if they have noticed the bunnies taking over Grand Ave. Oh, yes, those little rascals.



Stay tuned for more!