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Who’s holding false images of you and false visions of your life? June 11, 2012

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Who’s up in your 6th chakra, envisioning — through your third eye — your life? Hint: anyone in your life who doesn’t TOTALLY desire YOUR happiness, YOUR success, and the realization of YOUR dreams and goals. Who’s the first person that pops into your mind? Forgive that person right now. Otherwise their energy will stay stuck via the powerful glue of doubt, which allows their false images of you and false visions of your future to take root in the heart chakra and grow like ivy up into your 5th, 6th and 7th chakras where that doubt will influence your actions down in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st chakras.



Faith is the inverse of Doubt: people say that when you have faith, you believe in God. Not so. When you have faith it’s because you can feel God’s belief in YOU.



I believe in you, your guardian angel believes in you, and GOD believes in you and desires your happiness — no matter what you’ve done in the past, no matter what you’re doing right now, and no matter what you’re planning on doing in the future. You are loved anyway (and anyone who tells you otherwise is using shame as a tool of manipulation because they are filled with either greed for power, greed for money, or both). Remember, punishment is redundant. When we or other people take actions that cause others pain, it’s because we couldn’t feel Love — that’s why we or they hurt others in the first place; we were already in pain. There is no punishment worse than not being able to feel Love (Joy). People kill themselves to make that kind of pain stop — and if they are not submissive, they end up hurting and/or killing others (engaging in displays of dominance).





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