The glass is half filled with water and half filled with air: fun with logic

Fun with Logic
The reason the glass is half filled with one thing and half filled with another is because it’s not possible for an object to be half full. Full means 100% filled and half means 50%; we would not say “the glass is 50% 100% filled” because that doesn’t make sense. It’s also impossible for an object to be half empty. Empty means 100% unfilled. When we view life in black and white, in terms of all-or-nothing and either/or (such as half empty or half full), we are fulfilling the survival instinct’s compulsion to protect ourselves from Sadness, Shame, and Danger by labeling things or people accordingly. Then the survival instinct knows to protect us by either a) compelling us to avoid them (this protects us from Danger) and/or b) impelling us to feel a sense of superiority to them (this protects us from Shame and Sadness).


The above paragraph is from my book Chakra Mirror Math which is why I italicized the text.


I try as much as possible to look at life on Earth through the lens of wholeness and remind myself whenever I’m forgetting to and seeing the glass instead as half full or half empty that “I’m doing it again!” This way, when I get upset about the terrible injustices on Earth, I can view the glass of Life as half filled with opportunities to forgive and half filled with opportunities to perceive Joy. So when an event occurs which involves pain and suffering for myself or someone else, I try not to engage in black or white thinking (an element and symptom of the Divide and Conquer Method) by viewing that event as only an injustice or as only an opportunity to forgive; I try to see the event as both an injustice and an opportunity to forgive (and thus heal and thus prevent future pain of the same nature).



In an openhearted state of empathy (where we emotionally relate to someone even if we would probably not ever act or react they way they are which is different from sympathy where we emotionally relate to people only because we would do what they’re doing if we were in their shoes), we are aware that the reason for every action that causes another person pain is that the person who took that action could not feel love at the moment they took it.



Prove this to yourself: next time you have any kind of physical pain, whether it’s a headache or cramps or a sports injury, notice how you have a shorter temper with people, even people you adore. And then we turn around and apologize, saying, “Sorry I snapped at you — I have really bad cramps/shin splints/migraines/etc.” And the other person forgives, right away usually. And why? Because they know what it’s like to be in pain. And that it sucks. Emotional pain is the same: it profoundly influences the way we treat other people.



From a logic standpoint, a whole new light is shed on the concept of a “senseless tragedy.” No tragedy can be senseless, by definition, because when people cannot feel love, it is logical (it makes sense) that they take action accordingly, action that causes others to feel the same pain they were feeling when they took it.



So, the more horrifying people’s actions (Congress), the more pain they’re in. And the glass of that action is half filled with water (an opportunity to forgive) and half filled with air (a totally logical injustice).



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