On Bullying: just walk away?

Bullying is an element of the 5/3 Communication/Power chakra mirror, where our action or inaction down in the third chakra, relating to power and control, is a reflection of a blockage up in the 5th chakra, relating to communication and silence. An open heart causes an open 5th chakra, indicated by respect-based communication which is then reflected down in the third chakra as the Power of Service. In this space of love, we serve humanity by communicating our desire for other people’s happiness.



Another element of the 5/3 chakra mirror from an open heart is protesting injustice and objecting to abuse of power. Bullies use words as weapons to threaten and attack because they feel compelled to assert dominance and leverage control (a compulsion which is caused by a closed heart and the inability to feel love). Openhearted people use words as tools to serve with love. Bullies often stop just short of physical violence because they know that would be illegal, but will use words as weapons just as cruelly. Forgiving them each night and pre-forgiving them each morning is an excellent way to act as the conduit for the healing power of love. And, we would ideally follow the act of forgiving or pre-forgiving with our own courageous objection of any injustice bullies would attempt to perpetrate against us. The BEST action to take, when being bullied, is to take out your cell phone camera and begin to film the person. I encourage any member of our society who is being bullied, no matter how young, to speak up, to be brave, and to protest injustice. Film yourself saying to the bully, “Please, leave me alone. I am asking you directly, to please leave me alone.” Keep repeating this request, over and over and over and over.



Many of us were taught by our Boomer and Gen X-er parents to “just walk away,” and ironically they were actually teaching us to do exactly what the bullies want. And what is it they want? To know that they can simply say the word and phonetics alone will cause another human being to move! Think how much physical energy it would take to pick up and move another person. The bully effects this same outcome using only psychic energy, via psychic, emotional, and verbal attack.



Other tips for dealing with bullies are …

  • when in the presence of the bully, to request & receive love from the other person’s guardian angel and your own guardian angel
  • when in the presence of the bully, to give the forgiveness prayer silently (“Please, God, let me be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Love, let ______ be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Love, and please don’t let ______ hurt anyone else the way s/he’s hurting me by bullying me.”)
  • to join in prayer with the guardian angels of all bullies anywhere in the Universe for their healing and happiness (“God, I join in prayer with the guardian angels of all bullies at my school and anywhere else in the Universe for all of them to be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy by the Power of your Love.”)
  • to pre-forgive each morning with the Circle of Angels (“God, I join in prayer with the Circle of Angels that perpetually surrounds the Earth and envelops it in a cocoon of divine love: please let everyone on Earth be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with JOY by the power of your Love!”)



Now you may be asking,


Why would we want to desire the happiness of someone who has hurt us instead of their punishment?


There’s a logical reason for forgiving (also defined as desiring another person’s happiness not because they have earned it with behavior that has earned it, but simply because they exist, that is to say, to love them the way that God does, for no reason) and that is that forgiving people heals them and fills them with God’s Love. And people who can feel God’s Love don’t hurt others. Why not? Because they no longer have any desire to. In this way, forgiving not only heals people, it causes the prevention of future pain of the same nature.



Finally, let’s remember here that people talk to others the way they have been spoken to, especially by their most dominant and most present authority figures, usually their parents, whose energy resides “up in” the 5th chakra of communication. In other words, the bully almost definitely has a bully parent. Imagine having to go home to that after school. It makes neglect sound like a day at the beach, no? (Okay, a cold day at an overcast beach ….) So after you forgive the bully, you might add a second prayer for the healing and happiness of the bully’s parents, who undoubtedly use words and weapons, and possibly even fists and weapons as weapons. Their kids are doing at school and in life what they learned at home.


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