I’ll always love Bernie Sanders but here’s why I boarded the #TrumpTrain (and why you should too)

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STRATEGY: Vote third party if you live in a historically red state in order to create a historical record of dissent but vote for Trump if you live in a state that is historically blue or is a swing state. Remember, it’s a just war we’re fighting. Hillary is just a pawn in the game, the human personification of a wire transfer. But the war is real — and it’s a war on corruption. We know what we’ll get with Hillary: four more years of corporatism. Trump may keep none of his promises (to stop regime change, nation building, endless war, the TPP, pull out of NAFTA, and bring back manufacturing jobs), but we know for sure that Hillary won’t. If we take a risk on Trump’s populism, the worst case scenario is four years of republican disaster that create the fertile ground for an even more progressive candidate to run in 2020. For example, BERNIE. Hillary has run for president twice and ostensibly, Bernie would be running a re-election campaign in four years anyway, had the DNC and the mainstream media not conspired against him to ensure that Hillary was the candidate and that Bernie never even had a chance.




Here’s the article on the Iranian asset that was killed because of those classified emails Hillary sent with extreme carelessness on an unencrypted server. Ruh-roh. The Nat Sec community doesn’t like you anymore, Hillary.


The second that Iranian nuclear scientist was hanged for treason, she became a liability. Think I’m connecting imaginary dots? Well, what day was he executed? And what day did Trump make his apology speech? Trump is now being coached by people who have a lot more to lose than their pride. Notice he’s walking back his immigration stance and skipping the torture rhetoric and no longer saying weird things like “Hillary and Obama are the founders of ISIS” and instead saying logical things like “Obama and Hillary’s actions in the Middle East contributed to the vacuum from which ISIS could emerge.”



Now, when Bernie warns us that if he ever tells us who to vote for, we shouldn’t listen to him — should we listen to him? YES.




Here’s Hillary earlier this month on a stage as her health publicly deteriorates. Hillary freezes: then her handler comes up to her and tells her to “keep talking,” but has to say it twice before it works.






And here’s 13 minutes of Hillary lying straight!



Here’s a HILARIOUS — and I mean HUH-larious — reading by Bill Whittle. Hillary Clinton is NOT a feminist.



And here he is talking with Stefan Molyneux about FBI Director Comey’s scathing statement on why the FBI would not be recommending prosecution to the DOJ, which to many of us sounded a lot more like “closing arguments” that beautifully outlined all the crimes that Hillary committed rather than an explanation for why he wasn’t recommending prosecution. Bill has an excellent theory that Comey essentially couldn’t recommend prosecution because of possible corruption inside the Dept of Justice and so instead, he disclosed all of her crimes so that Congress would demand a hearing (which it did) and call for additional separate charges (which they did). Lo and behold, the Clinton Foundation is being investigated for corruption as we speak!


My own personal theory (AND I’M SPECULATING) is that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch did indeed talk about the grandchildren on the plane for 39 minutes, but especially about Loretta’s grandchildren and what might happen to them if Attorney General Lynch went ahead and charged his wife Hillary with any crimes. At that point, I speculate, faced with no other option, Director Comey decided to try Hillary Clinton in the Court of Public Opinion, and delivered his closing arguments in front of the jury of 318 million of her closest peers in the form of a live televised “official statement.”




And watch more about the donors to the Clinton Foundation in Abby Martin’s excellent expose. The whole episode is great, but I have it embedded to start at exactly 12:15 in order to get straight to the corrupt donors to the Clinton Foundation. $10 million from literal hell on earth Saudi Arabia, $10 million from billionaire oligarch Victor Pinchuk, between $1 and $5 million each from Oman, Quatar, Kuwait, the UAE and … that’s right, another friendly neighborhood Saudi billionaire. These are countries where dissent is punished with public execution. Oh, and a woman who is raped? Well, that’s adultery, you silly Westernized whore. And adulterers get stoned to death.




And here’s the conservative version of Abby Martin’s expose called “Clinton Cash.” There was a lot of pseudo fact checking, but lo and behold, it turned out that Clinton Cash the movie, like Clinton Cash the book, simply followed the money trail and documented the horror as it was. There was no need to make it look worse. Here’s the fact check of the fact check! Click here.



Now watch the Clinton Chronicles — the corruption goes WAY back!



Listen to Hillary Clinton pat herself on the back for getting a 41 year old child rapist off with two months’ time served in the 70’s. And she chuckles in nostalgic glee.


Watch Abby Martin’s excellent expose on NAFTA, “How NAFTA Displaced Millions of Mexican Farmers”


Don’t let David Seaman be the next Seth Rich.




Please vote! I’d love it if you voted for Trump but I’d love it if you voted period!


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3 thoughts on “I’ll always love Bernie Sanders but here’s why I boarded the #TrumpTrain (and why you should too)

  1. If you think a Trump presidency is an option in the real world, you are very naive. I made my young mistake in 1980, and Reagan set the table for corp/media consolidation, union bashing, and the awful economic plans that killed/ is killing the middle class. I’m a die hard Berner, and we WILL have our revolution, and MAKE Hillary work with us. Trump and the GOP will burn the country down, leaving nothing for Bernie to govern. ThePeoplesSummit.org

  2. Sarah,
    Love your work, and on several levels I think you’re correct in the Trump thing, yet I’ve got a couple of serious concerns with voting Trump.

    1) I firmly believe he’s a Stalking Horse for Nixon in Pantsuits
    Why: He’s a long time Dem until 5 yrs (now 6 actually) ago
    He’s a long time Clinton Foundation whale donor
    He ran a “college” scam that was eerily similar to the CF Laureate Education scam (and I suspect he learned it from them)
    I watched him in an interview in the ’80’s say that were he to ever run for Office he’d run as a Republican “because they’re more gullible”.

    2) I’ve watched his business and personal shenanigans almost all my life and he is the very epitome of a corporate fascist briber.
    These guys:

    3) He seems to regard bankruptcy as an “Ordinary Business Practice”.

    4) In “his” ghost written book The Art Of The Deal he actually brags about using “Creative Truth” to get what he wants. The non Newspeak name for that is lying.

    5) He’s talked a fair amount about “getting tough with ISIS/DAESH/ISIL/AL QUEDA militarily, yet doesn’t seem to recognize that OUR government quite literally created these terrorists by selling them weapons (Reagan & Saddam Hussain in my first noted experience) to fight proxy wars with a promise of help in rebuilding after; and then foreswearing those deals when time came to actually help them rebuild.

    6) He is a Consumate show man and product shill. (Acting skills for a Stalking Horse?)

    7) His initial positions were SO insanely outrageous as to be a nearly perfect parody of “everything Evil” that the DNC said we should fear. This last seems just a bit too handy for She Who Shall Not Be Named.

    On the plus side of your argument:
    He’s never bombed anyone
    He has, to my knowledge, never advocated for war.
    He doesn’t have any terms like #Arkancide attached to his ongoing history.

    I’m not say you should do other than your best judgment, I’m just raising some Hard Questions to be considered… Grist for the mill if you like the term.

    Again, thanks for this piece.
    Whichever way you & your many fans choose to go, you’ve got my thanks that it’s an anti-Clinton vote in intent.

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