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21 Days of Workouts At Home: Weight Gain — and loss — in the time of Corona

Background, for those who follow the tribal roles and know that I consider myself to be a Sigma female:

Sigmas have warrior bodies — we lose and gain weight easily. There is a great reason for this: we gain weight easily during times of prosperity and peace in order to (in preparation for) maintain our fertilty  during times of war and famine. AND when/if war and famine do strike, we have a store of fat and strength which we draw upon to fight (and win) against any potentially invading tribe. For those who study the Tribal Roles, Omegas easily gain weight, and they find it hard to lose that weight. Betas: Find weight hard to gain, and hard to lose. Alphas: find weight hard to gain and easy to lose (yes, of COURSE Alphas have it made). And Sigmas, because they are always serving the tribe, find weight easy to gain and easy to lose.

Without my steady practice of yoga sculpt at corepower yoga 6 days a week (1 class per day for 5 weekdays per week and 2 classes on Sunday) due to the “14 days to slow the spread” covid-19 lockdown, I have unfortunately gained a BIT of weight! So I decided to seek whatever workouts I could find on youtube to break the horror and boredom of this pseudo-quarantine. Here is a blog post journal of my 21 day adventure.

Day 1:  May 12, 2020.

Food: coffee and creamer, probably about 4 tablespoons total

2 boiled eggs at noon

1 boiled egg at 3 pm

iced coffee and vanilla creamer

apple cider vinegar/cinnamon/cayenne/maple syrup elixir

one sweet potato with salt and 2 boiled eggs and 1 orange at 8 pm

Lavender yogi tea, 2 cups at 9 pm

Exercise: 2 hit videos, one 35 min kundalini yoga video, 30 min leisurely walk with the dog (this dog is a hound, so while ostensibly it’s a walk, it’s really what I like to call “going for a sniff.” She walks me and we go wherever her little nose leads — I do not count this as any kind of exercise except the kind that makes sure your joints and muscles don’t atrophy. Really.)

This one was great. She talks a bit much in the intro, so just hold a plank and then do some sit-ups still she begins the movement part of the video, about 2 minutes in.

this one, 10 min work out number 2 of the day is actually 12 minutes, WORTH IT. Starts hard, finishes hard. Love it.

And I finished every day with this amazing kundalini yoga video. I have been doing this video since 2002! Start at 6:24. I admit, I stop the video at about 43:00 minutes. The reason for that is that the second part of the series of exercises is several meditations which I do not enjoy or find helpful. You might love them! Yogi Gurmukh is a beautiful woman, and she has several one liners that have stuck with me since I first heard them at age 21: “If we don’t start somewhere, then we’ll be no where, so we must start wherever we are,” and, “It’s not the skill that matters. It’s the courage you bring to your yoga practice that’s going to change your life.” I finished writing, and self-published, two books with nothing but the memory of Gurmukh’s wisdom in my ear, reminding me that courage and the willingness to start again, no matter where we are, followed by ACTION (she repeatedly says, “keep up, just get it done”) are what bring about success at the end of the day. This is the real deal right here:

Day 2: May 13

In the morning at 10, I did this video, “Best 10 min Beginner Full Body HIIT for Fat Burn – NO JUMPING ~ Emi” It was good, but I ended up adding 100 jumping jacks and a quick 60 second wall sit just for good measure.


Booty shaping, indeed!

While my sweet potato was baking, I enjoyed my 35 min of kundalini yoga. Also a 30 min walk with the dog.

Food for the day included iced coffee with vanilla creamer, 1/4 cup of hummus, 5 boiled eggs, ACV elixir, one orange, one sweet potato, a grande starbucks iced Americano with sugar free cinnamon dolce flavor syrup and a splash of half and half.

Day 3: May 14, 2020

Up and at ’em on a beautiful day in DC, marred only by the economic despair of an unemployment rate nearing that of the Great Depression. But I digress.

Had previously searched “low calorie starbucks hacks” and learned that not only does cinnamon dolce come in sugar free, so does vanilla. So today I ordered a venti iced Americano with sugar free vanilla and a splash of almond milk. DELICIOUS.

This drink staved off hunger until noon, when I did my first 10 min video, and then had 2 boiled eggs. Then at 3 pm I did another 10 min video and ate another boiled egg and sipped ACV elixir. At 5, I enjoyed a brisk 30 min walk with the dog, my usual baked sweet potato and 2 packets of oatmeal and another boiled egg. I also had 2 emergenC packets that I sipped slowly as a way of satisfying my sweet tooth.

This was my original choice for video 1 of the day, but 3 minutes in, I was thinking to myself, “what in the SAM HILL.”

This was a dud (note: upon final edit of this blogpost on June 8, I will say, it was the only Popsugar dud I experienced during my entire Quarantine challenge). So I quickly searched the channel to find a 10 minute video and came across this AWESOME video  and the title made me so happy for a moment as I imagined a Corona Virus free holiday season: Little Black Dress Workout, Holiday Fitness, Class FitSugar.

And my second 10 min video (remember, these are just to keep my heart rate up and keep my metabolism revved up throughout the day) was this intense yet fun crossfit video, also a popsugar choice. Their youtube channel is amazing.

I had done crossfit in the past, probably 3 times, at a crossfit studio, and it’s definitely a killer workout. Again, my goal for this 30 days is to never to do enough exercise to induce excess hunger which is what aerobic exercise does for women. Ironic, right? All those years in my twenties, I was on that treadmill killing myself for FIFTY minutes. Stairmaster: FIFTY minutes. What a waste! Remember, for women, it’s all about diet. You could follow this diet with no exercise at all and lose weight. Exercise is for heart health and muscle tone only. Period. Don’t ever believe the lie that exercise will help you lose weight. In most cases, it will do the opposite because it makes you so hungry! Exercise is to keep your butt looking hot. That’s all!

Day 4: Friday, May 15, 2020

Food: venti iced americano, extra almond milk, sugar free vanilla followed 3 hours later by a grande iced americano with sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup, and a splash of half and half, hummus and pita bread, two eggs. Of course my ACV elixir.

VIDEOS: 10 Minute Standing Abs — this was great: I broke a sweat and felt great afterwards.

and another Popsugar presentation …

I was really REALLY missing my usual 6 days a week of yoga sculpt at corepower so this was sorta like that. Not really.

I skipped kundalini yoga today.

Day 5: Saturday May 16, 2020

This was a hot hot day here in DC. Slept in till 9:30 am, had a venti iced americano with sugar free vanilla and a splash of heavy cream. Took the dog for a 30 min walk, had a 16 oz pot of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, took a long nap, then had hummus and pita. No videos. No yoga. Watched a bunch of Tasty videos, wrote some postcards/thank you notes. Ate 1 boiled egg. Went to bed early too. (I was getting a lot of stuff ready for moving in 2 weeks!!)

Some context: this was not a bad day or an off day. I knew I was having a rest day. I could feel intuitively that my body was recovering from doing more hamstring exercises and squats and lunges than I had done in a long time. Since before the quarantine. With the exception of three 3.1 mile runs I had sporadically forced myself to go on over the prior 8 weeks, and a day of seriously punishing lunges, I had not been consistent with exercise. I HAD been drinking so much Truly that the cashiers at Whole Foods were calling me “the Truly Girl.” This was the 5th day of the very reduced calorie diet and the 8th consecutive day of no alcohol (down from every other day), so I knew my body was acclimating. And acclimating nicely! I slept a lot, more than usual, and the next day, felt rarin’ to go.

Day 6: May 17, 2020

Doggie and I got up early to miss the rainfall, then went back to sleep for a couple hours. Woke up, did my kundalini yoga video and it was the first time none of the exercises triggered soreness. My hamstrings and biceps were finally used to the intensity of that video again. Felt so good after this video. I enjoyed a venti sugar free vanilla americano with a splash of heavy cream, and then I took Lilly on her regular long walk. 1 16 oz pot of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, and 1 boiled egg. Enjoyed a really good 10 min popsugar video, had a baked sweet potato, and 2 more boiled eggs. ACV elixir (remember it’s not calorie free because it has about 2 tablespoons of maple syrup in it — this is what makes it hit the spot if you’re craving something sweet) before bed.

10 Minutes to Tighten and Tone Your Entire Body! | Class FitSugar

I liked this video a lot. I finished it up with 100 sit-ups for good measure, and felt great!

Day 7: May 18, 2020 … a MONDAY! This began the start of a very successful week.

Food: 2 pots of coffee, vanilla soy creamer (no SBUX today!),  ACV elixir, 4 boiled eggs, 1 orange. 2 packets of oatmeal


12 MIN AB WORKOUT – Medium Level / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

This is hard. Added 60 seconds of jumping jacks. Felt great afterwards but did not complete every segment, and the full number of reps.

Later I did this one from PopSugar:

10-Minute Calorie Burning Cardio and Core Circuit | Class FitSugar

This was good and hard! I hate bear crawls! Hate mountain climbers! LOL – when I wanted to quit, I would imagine myself — and my amazingly cute butt — reclining on the roof of my apartment building, a black cherry White Claw in hand, the smell of sunscreen emanating from my decolletage, as the sound of friends and neighbors frolicking in the pool in my imagination made me feel happy and un-quarantined. And I persisted! No way I would fit in my cute swimsuit with these extra inches. And I’m not buying a new one, damn it! I’m getting a pedicure and my roots touched up as soon as this is over!

Day 8: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Food, 1 americano, 1 pot of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, 4 eggs, 1 sweet potato, ACV elixir.


5-Minute Standing Flat-Belly Workout | Class FitSugar

this was quick and suprisingly hard for all standing! love it – fit it in during a break and managed to take the dog out too!

Squat and Plank Workout | Class FitSugar

This video was the hardest one yet so far in this challenge. WOW. I will definitely be doing this one many times in the future.

Day 9: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Food: 2 pots of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, 2 boiled eggs, 1 sweet potato, ACV elixir


The 10-Minute Workout to Help You Look Good Naked

10 MIN CARDIO / No Jumping – silent & neighbor friendly / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

After I got back from taking the doggie for walk, I felt like doing another video but just a short one… this turned out to be the pattern for the rest of this challenge! I’d do two 10 or 12 min videos and then one 5 minute abs video every night. It was great!!

Tighten Your Love Handles With This Fitness Quickie

Day 10: Thursday, May 21, 2020

Food: hot Americano on a cold day in DC, 1 pot of coffee and soy vanilla creamer, 2 boiled eggs, 2 boiled eggs mashed with 1 T mayo and a little mustard, 1 can of tuna mixed with 1 T of mayo, 2 emergenC packets. I ran out of ACV so no ACV elixir today!

VIDEOS: Wow, 2 duds today. I mean, they did the job — I broke a sweat and they were ok, but I would not do either of these videos again in the future.

10-Minute Calorie Burning Cardio and Core Circuit | Class FitSugar

I think I just didn’t like how boring this was, but maybe I was just having an off day. I added 100 sit-ups for good measure.  Took the dog for a 30 min walk.

Video 2 wasn’t much better.

10-Minute Jump Cardio Workout You Can Do Anywhere

It’s just the one person in the video and she repeatedly promoted Samsung Gear Sport earbuds — I get it, I’m not paying for this awesome channel so product placement is a must. Ok, now I feel bad. I should be grateful. I’m saving $140 a month on my suspended CorePower yoga black tag membership and paying no dollars a month to have unlimited access to Popsugar’s fitness channel. Alright: gratitude! Thank you, popsugar, for your (usually) awesome channel! Sorry I didn’t like these 2 videos. (And I can’t WAIT to go to corepower and spend an hour a day in the steaming hot 96 degree studio! I miss it so so so so much.) Added a wall sit for 1 minute at the end.

Day 11: Friday, May 22, 2020

FOOD: well I woke up and my calves HURT. ACHED. They hurt. You know why? Because of the 10 min jump cardio workout from yesterday!  I guess that’s good. But wow. Damn. So, it was Friday, I ached when I stepped out of bed and padded to the bathroom. So I thought, you know what I want? SO BAD? A caramel machiatto from starbucks. And I said to myself, too fucking bad. You can’t have one. So I met myself in the middle and had a caramel Americano, hot, grande, with a light splash of heavy cream. DELICIOUS.

Later I had my usual pot of coffee, with vanilla soy creamer. Then 1 boiled egg and a sweet potato. Later I made 2 boiled eggs into deviled eggs (1 tsp mustard + 1 T mayonnaise). Delicious. 2 emergenC packets. 1 small banana.

I did go to the store to get more ACV but then didn’t end up drinking any that night. I also got bananas because tomorrow I’m going to have banana-egg pancakes with maple syrup! I have never had them before and one of my yoga sculpt teachers (the only guy teacher at the studio!) swears by them.


10-Minute Booty Workout For the Muscles You Forget to Work

Ok, first it starts out as just another video. AND THEN THERE’s LEG LIFT FROM A SIDE PLANK. I actually fell. I was so annoyed, I made myself do that part of the video twice. Good Lord. Can’t wait to feel how much pain my obliques will be in tomorrow.

Video 2: LOSE BELLY FAT in 10 Days (lower belly) | 8 minute Home Workout

This video was ok. I would have rather done more repetitions of fewer exercises than switching so often. Notice the adorable dog at the beginning and of the video. I definitely do NOT want “11 abs,” thank you very much. And I didn’t like the music so I had the volume super low which made it harder to do the entire thing. First and last video I tried from this creator. (But she would be awesome if you were *going* for abs like that, I think.)

Sweet Lilly the rescue dog walked me for 30 minutes and then I made sure to stretch my calves against the outside concrete steps on the way back in the building after the walk. Felt great.

Day 12: Saturday, May 23, 2020

FOOD: iced sugar free vanilla americano, venti, with coconut milk, a pot of regular coffee, keto pancakes (2 eggs + 1 banana, mashed, fried into silver dollar pancakes) with maple syrup, a sweet potato, and ACV elixir.


10 MIN AB WORKOUT – Side Abs & Obliques // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

Wow, that sucked, a lot! Had to modify 3 of the exercises because I literally couldn’t do them! But I finished it. That’s what matters. This is NOT a beginner video.

The 10-Minute Fat Incinerator Workout | Class FitSugar

Hard as hell. Literally kicks your butt. As you, yourself, kick your own butt, at the end. Good Lord. I can’t wait for 2 mimosas on the patio at brunch. 2 bottomless mimosas.
Day 13: Sunday, May 24, 2020:
FOOD: I tried a new recipe today! It’s adding 1 banana and 1 T of peanut butter to your regular keto pancake mix. You are also supposed to add a teaspoon of baking power but I didn’t have any, and they still turned out amazing. A little maple syrup and — perfection. Also, very filling. I stirred the mix together, used half of it to make pancakes, and then had more coffee (today was just regular coffee and vanilla soy creamer) and later, after my sweet potato, later in the evening, mixed up the rest (which I had put into the refrigerator) and it made about 6 more silver dollar pancakes. Not bad at ALL for about 450 calories of batter and 200 calories of maple syrup.

10 Minutes to Leaner, Longer Looking Legs

Ohhh this one was good! love it! great for saddle bags!
Video 2:

10-Minute Pilates Butt Workout | Celebrity Fitness | Class FitSugar

This was awesome! and no dumbbell necessary. I didn’t use one, and it was still really hard and great.
Day 14: Monday, May 25, 2020, Memorial Day!


I learned something today and I pass a new recommendation on to you: please do not drink an entire 16 oz ACV elixir during the day on a mostly empty stomach. It does have a detoxifying effect — I noticed this a lot on previous days because when I would drink it “for dessert” after eating my nightly sweet potato, I would get up twice in the night to pee. Well, instead I drank today’s ACV elixir while sitting on the roof in the bright sun. An hour later I had a throbbing headache. The only food I’d had prior was 2 eggs and a banana. I really felt kind of crappy. Took the dog on a walk, took a nap, woke up … and my head still hurt. Popped a sweet potato in the oven and threw down my yoga mat to do my 2 videos, and really felt awful. Pushed through it, though. After my nightly sweet potato, I had some lavender yogi tea and went to bed.


The Scientific 7-Minute High-Intensity Workout

I had done this one earlier during quarantine and it was really awesome. I did it again, doing each exercise for 1 minute. (This doubles the time of about half of them, so it took about 11 minutes)

The Quiet At-Home Workout That Crushes Calories

LOL, I happen to be moving in 6 days and I’ll no longer be on the first floor of an apartment building so I think that’s why this one caught my eye. It’s been a while since I had downstairs neighbors to worry about! This was easy and fun. I added 60 jumping jacks and 90 glute bridges.

Day 15: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Food: an iced Americano with caramel and a splash of half and half, 3 boiled eggs, 1 sweet potato, 2 small red skin potatoes, homemade iced coffee (folgers and soy vanilla creamer, popped into the fridge for 2 hours, then poured over ice — not as good as starbucks, as you may have guessed), ACV elixir


10-Minute Red-Carpet Ready Dance Workout

This was easy, and I didn’t break a sweat. I added a hundred jumping jacks for good measure.

10-Minute Cardio Jump Workout to Burn Major Calories | Class FitSugar

This was good and hard. I added 100 situps for good measure. I also did extra calf stretching to avoid what happened last week. We’ll know if it worked tomorrow morning when I wake up!

Wow, has it really been 15 days?? It’s true what they say, 4 weeks for you to notice, 8 weeks for others to notice. I definitely only see fat reduction on my arms. Tummy is still at quarantine levels. Now, logically, I know that cannot be the case based on my caloric intake (specifically, my caloric reduction). BUT. Because I know in 2 weeks, my clothes will be back to fitting me normally, I’m mentioning this now, for you, the reader to remember, 2 weeks isn’t going to cause a visual difference. Why do you think your clothes fit the same way mid December but by Jan 1, you can feel and see a noticeable difference? Because Dec 15 is only 3 weeks after Thanksgiving. It take 4 WEEKS to change. Your clothes will fit the same if you go up 5 or even 7 lbs. 4 weeks of overeating is probably going to equal 10 lbs up. Now that’s a different story. But think about it: that is actually good news. It means that if you ate what you wanted from Thanksgiving through Dec 7, dieted from Dec 7 through Dec 21 and then ate what you wanted from Dec 22 through Jan 2, you’d never have to diet for 4 weeks in a row. Food for thought. 4 weeks for you to notice, 8 weeks for others to notice!

(on that note, if you are trying to lose more than 15 lbs, i.e. 20 lbs or more, there is a very good chance you will want to work on a whole new way of viewing food, and re-learning, “Eat only when hungry, stop when full.” I had to do this from age 18 to 25. And I had to learn it, and re-learn it, and practice practice practice. After our brain stops growing, at age 25, it is much much harder to learn this, and practice it habitually. If you didn’t grow up on this natural way of eating, where your hunger stops when your body is full, you will likely need some professional help in order to make a change of your habits.)

Day 16: May 27, 2020

FOOD: 2 eggs, 1 banana, tsp of peanut butter, no ACV elixir or sweet potato today, I had a can of Amy’s chili. I was so so hungry today. Not sure it was just the cumulative effect of dieting or what, but I woke up hungry and my usual Americano was not helpful!

VIDEOS: no videos were done today! Two 30 min walks with the dog were all the exercise I got.

Day 17: May 28, 2020

FOOD: I had an iced espresso instead of an iced Americano and it really hit the spot. 1 pot of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, 2 boiled eggs, 1 sweet potato, 2 more boiled eggs. ACV elixir.

VIDEOS: I admit I was getting a little tired of popsugar and didn’t feel like Emi Wong or Pamela Reif either. But I knew I really liked the 7 min work out so I searched that in the youtube search bar. Both of these were excellent. I finished both with another 60 jumping jacks. (Also the usual 30 min dog walk.)

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video – Bodyweight Only Total Body Workout

Video 2 — this is great!! so interesting, it’s not the classic 7 min workout


Day 18: May 29, 2020

I miss yoga sculpt so much. Just want to say that. Oh, I hate this quarantine and I hope CorePower Yoga fully recovers financially. They are such an awesome yoga studio.


Iced espresso with 2 pumps of white chocolate, 1 pump of caramel syrup. 1 pot of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, 2 boiled eggs, 1 sweet potato, 2 more boiled eggs. ACV elixir. 1 baq microwaved popcorn.


Day 19, May 30, 2020


I’m moving in 2 days. I am packing day and night and also squeezing in these 2 workouts. Had  one pot of coffee, creamer, 2 microwave popcorn bags, and an orange and 2 boiled eggs. Also a can of Amy’s chili.


This was hard and awesome and you should do it … right now!!!!!

Day 20, May 31, 2020


Iced caramel macchiato. 1 pot of coffee with vanilla soy creamer, 3 boiled eggs + 2 T of sweet relish + 1 T of mayo, 2 pieces of bacon. 2 more boiled eggs. ACV elixir. 1 peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.


30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable, low impact results.

This video was not hard and burned a ton of calories. DO IT!!!


Day 21, May 31, 2020


1 pot of coffee with coconut flavored creamer. 2 boiled eggs. ACV elixir. 1 peanut butter egg pancake with maple syrup. 1 can of Amy’s Chili. 2 boiled eggs.


FAST Walking in 30 minutes | Fitness Videos


In conclusion, I want to show you a picture of me from today and a picture of my mom from 1987. As of this writing, I am 7 months away from my 40th birthday. In the below photo of her, she is 7 months away from her 40th birthday (yep, that’s little Sarah sitting next to her on the couch).

Me in May of 2020

My Mom in Feb of 1987

YEAH. Compare and contrast. Moral of the story? Don’t smoke. When you drink, follow up the next morning with a heavy sweaty workout and plenty of electrolyte rich food and drink. Try not to marry a malignant narcissist who makes getting a divorce a literal nightmare and drags out the process for two years just to torture you. (Some of her premature aging was stress related.) Remember that transformation is just around the corner.

Remember that transformation is just around the corner.

Five months ago, if you had told me that there would be a pandemic that resulted in my being able to reduce my monthly expenses by $540 that I would use to pay down debt and increase my credit score by 105 points, and that Trump would give me 1200 more dollars and I’d find myself with an upcoming decision to move when my lease was up and go to an even more amazing building in DC and that I would also feel amazingly motivated to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks, I would have said NOT WORTH IT if it’s going to result in 35 million Americans unemployed. But it did happen. It happened TO me. And I took the opportunities that subsequently presented themselves and did everything I could to create more joy in my life. And if you had told me THREE years ago, in May of 2017, that my life would be amazing just one year later, I would have said, you are fucking kidding me. I prayed and prayed for a long loooooong time (over twelve years, constantly). I also took action to answer my own prayer. I did what it took to get what I want. You can too.

And a little apple cider vinegar and yoga and dandelion tea go a loooooooooong way.

Donald Trump: Alpha’s Alpha, a rare Super Alpha Male

Alpha Beta Sigma Omega

What’s an alpha male?

All alphas seek a leadership position within the tribe, whether the tribe is a gang, a corporation, a fraternity or an empire. They excel at seeing the best solution to a problem, and knowing exactly who should take action to solve it. They feel good when they are protecting and providing for their tribe.

All alphas are driven to succeed, and to seek respect and wealth. Alpha’s alphas (in contrast to beta’s alphas and sigma’s alphas) are also driven to be feared and to seek fame (to leave their name behind them along with their legacy). Put simply, they are compelled to get rich, successful and respected, and then feared and famous.

So what makes an alpha male a super alpha male? When they not only want success and prosperity for their tribe, but for all tribes. This is not altruistic: the super alpha knows that…

View original post 249 more words

Tribal Roles is born! How a conversation with a stranger at a house party led to its birth

I definitely wasn’t expecting a seemingly random invite to a house party in Virginia to end with me brainstorming a completely new blog as I drove the Caddy back home to DC in near darkness as the road curved along the trail of the Potomac on a chilly night in January. The opposite. I was imagining that I might make some friends with people I would certainly attempt to convert into Trump voters (eventually, after establishing the requisite amount of rapport) and that I might write a blog post about types of people one might — if one were so inclined — try to pitch newly honed talking points to, and how to do it in the most effective way, and also imagining that maybe I’d write a hilarious voter-registration role-playing sketch, and try to rope Scott Presler into playing James Comey in an old-school SNL inspired piece of satire (“But I’m showing you’re a registered Republican — you’re not planning to vote for Trump in 2020?? Whaaaaaat?”).
black wolves wall paper
That was not what happened. Being relegated to the non-alcoholic beverage table since I was driving, I returned to that part of the kitchen and poured myself another plastic cup of warm Cherry Coke (I love the warm fizz of room-temperature cherry coke — if you have never savored this truly unique sensation, I can offer nothing but my condolences). A fellow soda-drinker, a skeptical gentleman, introduced himself to me and we began discussing the price of rent in DC vs Arlington (which is where I’ll be moving to in 2020 so I can vote in Virginia in the 2020 election and actually have my vote count). He asked me what type of rent was I looking to pay in Virginia and I said that it depended on whether or not I could get a job working for the Trump campaign. He asked me what I do now and I launched into my shtick about a periscope a day and hashtag winning (that’s pound sign winning for you old-timers). I couldn’t help but mention how I love to do body language and speech pattern analysis through the lens of the tribal roles and he asked me about the roles, what are they? Now, if you’ve been following my Messages to Millennials blog or my time line on twitter, you know I’ve been almost hyper-vigilant with my concern regarding the 2020 election and getting POTUS re-elected. I hadn’t made a new youtube video in months and my passion for the Tribal Roles (it was my Sigma Male video that was my first viral video on youtube in 2017!) had somehow slid to the back burner. I found myself enthusiastically describing the four tribal roles, Alpha, Beta, Sigma and Omega, to this stranger and watching the interest and curiosity flicker in his eyes as he automatically self-categorized and then matched the roles I described to people in his life. I LOVE this part of my study of human nature — the part where people feel like they’ve clicked into something greater than themselves after just a brief introduction to the tribal roles. The irony is that we are all already part of this “thing” that is greater than ourselves: the Tribe! So we continued to chat and I heard myself say, “It’s not like there’s a book out there that I’m referring to. It’s just my personal observations about how people contribute to the tribe or act as a drain on resources.” And he said, “because you’re the one who’s going to write the book.” And I laughed. And he said he was serious. I immediately replied, “well, first I’d have to create a quiz for people to self-categorize and then interview them and it would have to be a big study!” And he nodded, yes, as if to say, of course! It was so much fun discussing the tribe with this new friend and that was when I realized that I really missed doing those videos because I’d been so stuck on politics.
So of course my Sigma female brain went into problem solving mode and I realized that there was no more fascinating member of the tribe than Trump himself, the quintessential Alpha Male. It dawned on me that there is no conflict between my political goals (to re-elect Trump and flip undecided voters and even old school liberals [not leftists] to the red side of the ballot in 2020) and my desire to continue to make tribal role videos. Why not merge them and do the analysis of Trump, the leader of the tribe? The classic Alpha’s Alpha?
As I drove home, I had fun thinking about all the possible video topics I could explore on youtube … and blog post ideas of analyzing people I’d met whose traits were equally fascinating.
I dove into the deep end of the Olympic size pool worth of video footage of POTUS. For your viewing pleasure, I created 6 different videos analyzing Donald J Trump, from 1980 to the present. You can watch them all here on my new Tribal Roles blog!
Coming up on once upon a time, an Omega female and a Beta Female were both groomed by their employers for “leadership.” In that post, we’ll discuss why this is an unfortunate waste of resources and how it actually backfires in people who are not naturally inclined toward leadership.
I would love to hear your feedback! Remember, you do NOT have to be a patron to follow me on Patreon. Simply create an account and follow my page and you will be notified every time I create a new post. Thank you!!
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Their insanity is our victory: how the PC culture’s war on Christmas benefits Trump & Trump supporters

Huff Post, the internet’s most homogeneous enclave of “opinion,” whose thought police, thought judges, and thought jury overlords hand down verdicts for those of us NORMAL enough to watch nostalgic Christmas specials on TV, announced felt compelled to label the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas special “problematic” last week.



Really? Problematic? Now, I’ve worked for a few big corporations in my time, and their HR Department’s favorite thing to do is tweak words and flip verb tense to make new and different meanings. Something (read: someone) isn’t just a problem, requiring a solution, something is “problematic.” Salient points in a discussion become “take-aways.” A raise becomes a “merit adjustment.” Justifications for not giving someone a raise are “constructive criticism.” Thinly veiled insults become “feedback.” (Note: feedback, by definition, is the horrifically painful-to-hear jarring noise of a microphone doing its impression of a battery being run up and down a cheese grater through the loudest speaker possible. But but but, “here’s some feedback! To help your growth!” Uhhh, no thanks, sadist. Have a really awesome day though!)




Words have meaning. Yes, I know my fellow Trump supporters have known this for some time. And we can tell that the thought police (a very small group of people who are incredibly loud, who are by no means the majority) are now saying “problematic” instead of “offensive.” If I came over to your house and you fed me a meal and I criticized your cooking, that would be rude. Impolite. Offensive. Mean! “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” is none of those things. Not even remotely.


And here is the best part: the more these mentally ill people attack obviously fun, spirited, joyful, happy moral stories, good vs evil fables, if you will, the more they alienate the masses. Even the left-leaning Democrat masses. For example, I consider myself to have mostly libertarian views with a few exceptions (yes, I was a Bernie supporter before I flipped to Trump) but I have long agreed that calling gay men the f word or black people the n word or women the c word is offensive. Mean. Rude! And most of my conservative friends agree! They — we — aren’t out using those words (that have meanings!) in the HR or leftist fashion, in ways that don’t make sense, to twist their meanings and use the words to control the speech and thought patterns of others. A woman I met at a women’s college once told me that her calling me a c–t is a compliment: that we have to usurp the patriarchy’s power to oppress women by taking the power of that word back, and by using it in empowering ways. I said, wrong. Whether a woman or a man calls me the c word, I am going to walk away from them and avoid seeing them ever again. She wanted to argue. Guess what I did. I cut her off. I literally said to her, “I don’t give my consent to be called a c—.” Yep, I used her consent language! (lol) And I saw a flicker in her eyes — for a just a split second, there was brief awareness that her reasoning was far from logical.


The more these mentally ill people attack obviously fun, spirited, joyful, happy moral stories — good vs evil fables — the more they alienate the masses.


Coincidentally, the very first clip Huff Post “exposes” in their anti-Christmas propaganda is Rudolph being bullied by the other reindeer. They call him horrible names. You know what he says? “Stop calling me names.” That in and of itself is incredibly brave. Most of us probably witnessed bullying at school on the playground as kids. The person being bullied just sits there and waits till it’s over. Teachers might intervene. They might not. Never did I observe anyone who was being bullied say — courageously — “Stop bullying me.” What a great movie for kids to watch: Rudolph protests the injustice as it’s happening to him. Nip it in the bud. Stand up for yourself.  Stand up for those weaker than you. That’s what my parents taught me. And the message in the Christmas special gets even better!


Now, the wackjobs on Twitter want to call Rudolph’s dad saying, “There are more important things than comfort: self-respect” verbal abuse. Nope. We should all be so lucky as to have a strong father figure growing up who teaches us that temporary discomfort is worth it if it leads to an accomplishment we can be proud of down the line.


Yes, the basketball coach leading the gang-up on Rudolph is shitty and horrible. And we all knew a bad guy like that as kids. Stories like these teach us about the nature of good and evil. That sometimes evil is an adult who abuses power over kids. It’s usually NOT a horned devil. Kids need to know this. Show your kids this excellent TV special/parable today! Spoiler alert: Rudolph is vindicated in the end. And what does that teach kids? That there are good adults in a position of power as well, generous kind benevolent adults (Santa). That children have a choice regarding which path they’ll go down as they grow up.


Ok, Huffpost, you’re right: it’s mean that the dad of Clarice (the pretty girl reindeer that Rudolph likes) says he wouldn’t allow any daughter of his to be seen with a red-nosed reindeer. People are mean. Parents can be too. The whole point of the show is to teach kids that in the end, good leaders (Santa) identify what it is that each member of the tribe has to contribute to the overall happiness of the family/tribe.


And the young elf who wants to be a dentist who is berated for not wanting to be one, by his dad? Again, the lesson is that Santa (the good guy/alpha tribal leader in this context) sees that even if your whole family has been making toys for generations, you might be better off being the first dentist and helping the other members of the tribe in a way that more fully expresses your talents. Huff Post ridiculously analyzes this wonderful tale of love, acceptance and victory over bullies through a lens of PC purgatory. The note they insidiously end on? As Santa is flying though the sky to deliver toys, Rudolph proudly leading the entire herd, what suggestion do they implant in the viewer’s mind?


“Deviation from the norm will be punished unless it is exploitable.”


Give me a break. A literal break.


Deviant behavior and traits can and should be punished. But Rudolph isn’t a deviant. His nose isn’t a deviation. It’s not a flaw. It’s a gift. Santa is the strong leader who recognizes strengths. Guess what, Huff Post? Exploiting strengths is awesome. Otherwise, the strength the elf had, the skill of cavity filling, would have been lost in a sea of toy-making. Rudolph’s brilliant nose would have been wasted if he’d been forced to cover it up.


Words matter. Exploiting people — forcing them into unpaid labor — is bad. Exploiting strengths, valuing them, and rewarding the person who uses them in constructive ways, is good! If Huff Post weren’t so full of actual feces, they would be talking about how Rudolph covering his red nose with a fake brown prosthetic so it looks brown could be seen as a metaphor for the niqab or burka which force a woman to veil her strengths and hide her very existence to the point of near invisibility, and this propaganda outlet could instead spark a discussion of how some religions value women only for their reproductive organs.


But they don’t. Because the point of this video is not really to expose anything sinister. Huff Post’s goal isn’t to shine the light of truth onto any darkness (Santa does that!). Huff Post’s goal is to fill people who watch their micro documentary with hate. To fill people who watch it with hate for those who looooooove Christmas. Trump supporters.


What Huff Post wants the most is to normalize hate. But especially to hate anything that promotes happiness and national unity. Remember when everyone loved holiday specials no matter what their political background was? These fun TV specials that air this time of year were loved by everyone. They’re fun! Hilarious sometimes. My Jewish friend in grade school watched them with her family! Christians don’t have a monopoly on Santa. It’s a fun character! You’ll find out soon enough that it’s your parents. But that too is fun because then you know that you get to grow up one day and “be Santa” for your kids!


The good news is that Huff Post and their cronies are losing the culture war. People are sick of this B.S. They just want to focus on their families and have money and a good job. They don’t want to talk politics! The more Santa — who is obviously a “good guy” — is villainized in this absurd (almost laughable) way, the more the entire overt operation to mainstream hate and normalize tension between family members and polarization between the two political parties, backfires.


And they are such a hate-filled tiny percentage of the population, screaming into a hate-filled echo chamber, that they have no idea. So let’s not tell them to put down their shovels. Let’s celebrate family, tradition, and the spirit of giving that inspires us to be generous and creative all December long!















Andrew McCabe’s Man Crush on Comey: Deep State McCabe Exposed


Now we know that not only is McCabe a totally jerk boss and sex (gender) discriminator, he ALSO was colluding with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page against Donald Trump during the Hillary Clinton emails investigation. Guess they needed an “insurance policy” against Trump actually winning. And now, the House Intel committee has email evidence that Hillary Clinton was going to be given an FBI “Headquarters Special.” HOLY CRAP. Watch my Dec 24 periscope about it here.



Interim Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe is as corrupt as the day is long! Even his subordinates say he’s a screamer and discriminates against them.  And what’s thiiiiiiis? General Mike Flynn was willing to testify on Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz’ behalf AGAINST her direct supervisor (at the time) Andrew McCabe in sex discrimination lawsuit? What’s that? McCabe gave her nasty critical annual reviews to prevent her from being promoted? What now, General Flynn wrote her a glowing review on Pentagon stationery in stark contrast to Andy “I have a blatant man crush on Jim Comey” McCabe?






Let’s periscope about it!!

Click here to watch it in the periscope app or on the periscope site, if you can’t view it in the embedded tweet below.










And don’t miss the latest episode of The Progressive Radio Show: Deep State McCabe & Retaliation Against Flynn, Trump Tweets on Mika & Psycho Joe.  #BlogTalkRadio

Or click on the link below to listen — it will open in a new window! Hear your favorite progressive patriot analyze the speech patterns & body language of corrupt McCabe when he testifies before the House Intel Committee. Somebody has an intense man-crush on Comey. DAMN.



I’ll always love Bernie Sanders but here’s why I boarded the #TrumpTrain (and why you should too)

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STRATEGY: Vote third party if you live in a historically red state in order to create a historical record of dissent but vote for Trump if you live in a state that is historically blue or is a swing state. Remember, it’s a just war we’re fighting. Hillary is just a pawn in the game, the human personification of a wire transfer. But the war is real — and it’s a war on corruption. We know what we’ll get with Hillary: four more years of corporatism. Trump may keep none of his promises (to stop regime change, nation building, endless war, the TPP, pull out of NAFTA, and bring back manufacturing jobs), but we know for sure that Hillary won’t. If we take a risk on Trump’s populism, the worst case scenario is four years of republican disaster that create the fertile ground for an even more progressive candidate to run in 2020. For example, BERNIE. Hillary has run for president twice and ostensibly, Bernie would be running a re-election campaign in four years anyway, had the DNC and the mainstream media not conspired against him to ensure that Hillary was the candidate and that Bernie never even had a chance.




Here’s the article on the Iranian asset that was killed because of those classified emails Hillary sent with extreme carelessness on an unencrypted server. Ruh-roh. The Nat Sec community doesn’t like you anymore, Hillary.


The second that Iranian nuclear scientist was hanged for treason, she became a liability. Think I’m connecting imaginary dots? Well, what day was he executed? And what day did Trump make his apology speech? Trump is now being coached by people who have a lot more to lose than their pride. Notice he’s walking back his immigration stance and skipping the torture rhetoric and no longer saying weird things like “Hillary and Obama are the founders of ISIS” and instead saying logical things like “Obama and Hillary’s actions in the Middle East contributed to the vacuum from which ISIS could emerge.”



Now, when Bernie warns us that if he ever tells us who to vote for, we shouldn’t listen to him — should we listen to him? YES.




Here’s Hillary earlier this month on a stage as her health publicly deteriorates. Hillary freezes: then her handler comes up to her and tells her to “keep talking,” but has to say it twice before it works.






And here’s 13 minutes of Hillary lying straight!



Here’s a HILARIOUS — and I mean HUH-larious — reading by Bill Whittle. Hillary Clinton is NOT a feminist.



And here he is talking with Stefan Molyneux about FBI Director Comey’s scathing statement on why the FBI would not be recommending prosecution to the DOJ, which to many of us sounded a lot more like “closing arguments” that beautifully outlined all the crimes that Hillary committed rather than an explanation for why he wasn’t recommending prosecution. Bill has an excellent theory that Comey essentially couldn’t recommend prosecution because of possible corruption inside the Dept of Justice and so instead, he disclosed all of her crimes so that Congress would demand a hearing (which it did) and call for additional separate charges (which they did). Lo and behold, the Clinton Foundation is being investigated for corruption as we speak!


My own personal theory (AND I’M SPECULATING) is that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch did indeed talk about the grandchildren on the plane for 39 minutes, but especially about Loretta’s grandchildren and what might happen to them if Attorney General Lynch went ahead and charged his wife Hillary with any crimes. At that point, I speculate, faced with no other option, Director Comey decided to try Hillary Clinton in the Court of Public Opinion, and delivered his closing arguments in front of the jury of 318 million of her closest peers in the form of a live televised “official statement.”




And watch more about the donors to the Clinton Foundation in Abby Martin’s excellent expose. The whole episode is great, but I have it embedded to start at exactly 12:15 in order to get straight to the corrupt donors to the Clinton Foundation. $10 million from literal hell on earth Saudi Arabia, $10 million from billionaire oligarch Victor Pinchuk, between $1 and $5 million each from Oman, Quatar, Kuwait, the UAE and … that’s right, another friendly neighborhood Saudi billionaire. These are countries where dissent is punished with public execution. Oh, and a woman who is raped? Well, that’s adultery, you silly Westernized whore. And adulterers get stoned to death.




And here’s the conservative version of Abby Martin’s expose called “Clinton Cash.” There was a lot of pseudo fact checking, but lo and behold, it turned out that Clinton Cash the movie, like Clinton Cash the book, simply followed the money trail and documented the horror as it was. There was no need to make it look worse. Here’s the fact check of the fact check! Click here.



Now watch the Clinton Chronicles — the corruption goes WAY back!



Listen to Hillary Clinton pat herself on the back for getting a 41 year old child rapist off with two months’ time served in the 70’s. And she chuckles in nostalgic glee.


Watch Abby Martin’s excellent expose on NAFTA, “How NAFTA Displaced Millions of Mexican Farmers”


Don’t let David Seaman be the next Seth Rich.




Please vote! I’d love it if you voted for Trump but I’d love it if you voted period!


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Bernie, I want you to win: An Open Letter to @BernieSanders from a Millennial Who’s Reading the Writing on the Wall

Dear Bernie Sanders,


My name is Sarah, I’m a millennial who voted for Obama twice, and I see you being railroaded by a media who refuse to acknowledge you as a legitimate Presidential candidate and the only Democrat candidate who can win the general election. I have previously blogged about Hillary Clinton’s lack of electability, and unlike her followers who are literally blind to her flaws, I am not only aware of hers, I see a few of yours as well. And I want you to win the Dem nomination because if you don’t, I feel very strongly that we will be looking at a President Bush or Trump thirteen months from now. Writing an open letter to her would be a waste of time because her greatest flaw is a sense of entitlement that causes her to think in terms of how much she deserves to be president instead of how much work it requires to earn votes. You, on the other hand, know all too well how hard the fight ahead will be. You’ll have to fight tooth and nail, not only against your opponents and the superpacs but against the media itself who have already decided you can’t win. I think you can win by implementing a few specific strategies. But the number one demographic you need to start concentrating on right away is the Millennials.



Here a Millennial, there a Millennial, Everywhere a Millennial


There are more millennials than boomers!
There are more millennials than boomers!
And more millennials than every other generation!
In fact, there are more millennials than each of the other generations.

It turns out that there are more Millennials alive than Baby Boomers, (87 million compared to 76 million) and now that we’re all officially old enough to vote, we are the most influential demographic politically (notice that no major news outlets are rushing to announce this). This means that Millennials need to get registered to vote so every time you’re on TV, Senator, don’t waste an opportunity to remind us to if we aren’t already. And, point out that in 31 states and in Washington, DC, people must be either registered *as a democrat* in order to vote for you, Bernie, or they must declare their party affiliation at the polls. (Click here to find out if your state is one of them.) Hey, fellow Millennials, think having to declare loyalty to a political party, in and of itself part of the divide-and-conquer-method, is a load of steaming cow pie? You’re not alone; lots of millennial, gen x-er and Boomer lawyers agree. I have talked to a few and apparently it will take a series of lawsuits against individual secretaries of states (but we have to be careful which states we start with) for infringing on our 1st Amendment right to free speech. The argument will go something like this: if I am prevented from voting for someone on a ballot because I have not registered with my secretary of state as a member of a certain political party, then I am being prevented by that state government from “speaking” my support for a particular candidate. Now if you think that’s a stretch, keep in mind that when Citizens United vs the FEC (federal campaign commission) and McCutcheon vs the FEC were each heard by the Supreme Court regarding whether or not money is speech, those sage robed upholders of our constitutional rights decided that money IS speech! (Obviously, money buys volume or silence, it is not in and of itself a type of expression, for crying out loud.) So if money is speech, voting is definitely speech. And how about our right to privacy also being violated by making us disclose to the secretary of our state which party we intend to vote for? Bernie, those two issues would be a great thing to bring up during the debates.




What’s a democratic socialist?

Do we really need a fly on the wall of HRC’s war room to guess she’s rubbing her hands together and grinning, “Berrrrnie. Sannnnders,” then leaning forward on her throne to command her minions, “Destroy him”? Do we actually need someone to secretly screenshot her whiteboard and tweet the image of the hashtag thereon, #OperationRedSmear? No, we don’t. We just need to acknowledge that it’s probably already begun. By saying that you are a democratic socialist (or, to put it another way, admitting that you are one), Hillary probably sees you walking into a trap of your own making. For example, you say something like, “with a small transaction tax on high frequency stock trades, we could pay for socialized health care, just like in Canada and France, or fund college tuition at all public universities at no charge to students.” She’ll grin into the camera (amused at your ignorance), announce this isn’t Denmark! and then shake her head back and forth condescendingly (pitying your ignorance). Then she’ll pounce and declare: sometimes we need to save capitalism from itself, [everything up to this point she’s already done] conflate socialism with communism, use nasty throwback trigger words like “Marxist” and “the USSR,” and you’re going to lose, sir.


Now, the only day we can go back to is today.  So let’s rewrite that chapter right now.



“Senator, what’s democratic socialism?” Here’s where it’s really important to answer the question, directly, before you go off on your trademark soapbox style “Bernie Sanders says NO to Wall Street’s greed” tangent. We love those tangents; we love them because they indicate passion, idealism, and confidence. Those aren’t the problem. You know what a tell is in poker? Well, your unwillingness to just put it out there, what democratic socialism is, tells us that for some reason, you aren’t quite comfortable with your fondness for it, or perhaps the discomfort is with dem-soc itself. Here’s your usual way of answering the question:



That’s right, you tell us what dem-soc means, to you, connotatively, instead of denotatively. Hillary will eat that right up, like butterscotch pudding, Bernie. When you don’t answer a question directly, you look like you’re trying to hide something or that you can’t handle the question. I want you to win; that’s why I want to tell you how I think HRC will turn this hesitation around and use it against you. I think she’ll interrupt you talk over you say, “Senator Sanders, why don’t you just admit it? It means there’s voting but the means of production are socialized. And we all know that’s a stone’s throw away from communism.” So I want you, as part of a premeditated strategy to appeal to the large number of libertarian millennials whose interest you have already piqued, to be the first to reference the Bill of Rights in your answer.  So here is one way you could define democratic socialism in a forthcoming way that does the most damage control:


Democratic Socialism is where you have a democratic political system, where people vote just like we have now, and a socialist economic system. Now, when the economic system is socialized, it doesn’t mean it has to be run by the government – there are probably people out there who belong to a co-op, and if you do, you know the profits are socialized, meaning spread out among all the members, everybody gets a dividend at the end of the year. But it often does mean state-run programs. And the truth is we already have tons of socialized — meaning government run, in this case — programs in our country. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the military, our entire Justice System. Do our judges get paid per decision or per trial? Do our FBI agents get paid per case? No, they all get paid on salary so there is no motivation for them to serve anyone’s interests but the American people’s.  (Later, you could tie that into why you co-sponsored the Stop Outsourcing Security Act.) And let’s not forget the bailouts; a taxpayer bailout is known as socializing a loss — instead of spreading the profit or benefit around, we spread the loss around. People will tell you we have a capitalist system but not only do we already have a ton of socialized services that benefit everyone, like our national security apparatus, already in effect, the negative effects of the casino capitalism, they don’t trickle down, they flood down. All those bets Wall St made? When they lose, the taxpayer picks up the tab. That 2008 TARP bailout under President Bush? It was $700 billion. Divide that by the population of the US at the time: 309,557,862.  That works out to be $2258 for every man woman and child in the country. Now how much did you pay for your health insurance last year? In student loan payments? In credit card payments? Crony capitalism’s gambling losses are always socialized, but when they make a killing on the stock market and we ask them to pay the same tax rate on capital gains as other income, they balk! Now, obviously, we have a constitutional republic (this phrase is a trigger phrase for libertarians) and one democratic socialist president is not going to undue the system of checks and balances designed by the framers of the constitution, and I wouldn’t want to. The Bill of Rights is designed to protect us from a corrupt government. But the income inequality in this country, where 95% of all income gains since 2009 have gone to the top 1%, where only 2% of this country makes more than $250,000 a year, is scandalous. Only 5% of Americans make more than $150,000 a year. The founders wanted the Bill of Rights to protect us from a corrupt government but they could never have imagined we’d need just as much if not more protection from a corrupt Wall Street.


imageEmphasize that socialism has nothing to do with corrupt fascist regimes. If anyone asks you if you are a Marxist, say, “No, Marx advocated the abolition of private property; that kind of extremist ideology has no place in our country.” If you don’t believe that, start practicing in the mirror now. You will be asked. The GOP is just waiting to accuse you of it. But Hillary will be worse. She will say, “the rich need to pay their fair share” but then refuse to pick an income level or an income tax percentage that corresponds to her vision of “fair.” Instead, she’ll use your desire for high income tax rates on high income as evidence of you being “out of touch.” Point out that during the 1950’s and early 60’s, the top bracket income tax rate was over 90% and the economy boomed.




Thank you for getting totally real on marijuana; more than half of Americans support legalizing marijuana (58% according to Gallup’s Oct 2015 poll) and an overwhelming majority of millennials do. But HRC is going to pounce on this issue because even though more than half of Americans support legalization, they are not the half you can count on to go register to vote in advance or make sure they’ve declared a party affiliation. So, here’s how you could play it. You want marijuana to be legal not only because the drug war is imprisoning young people instead of the banksters (this is deflecting, by the way, and Hillary will hone in on that like a predator drone) but because prohibition doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense. Did prohibition of alcohol work? No, but a massive campaign against drunk driving and drinking while pregnant have worked. Why not legalize pot and put warnings on the packaging like we have with cigarettes? If growers of organic pesticide-free fair trade marijuana want to sell their plant at the farmer’s market, then we require them to hand out a little warning pamphlet (with side effects on fertility/virility, memory, and citing studies of irreversible IQ point decreases in people under age 25, etc.). In other words, you can and should acknowledge that there are negative side effects of pot use and say, “I want buying and using marijuana to be legal; no one should spend a minute in jail for smoking pot. That doesn’t mean I want you to use it!” The DEA spends boatloads of taxpayer money trying to override people’s free will decision to use drugs, a fool’s errand in this blogger’s mind. Far more logical to regulate their sale and educate people (especially on the horrific side effects of meth and heroin). And, Senator, when the topic of legalizing marijuana comes up, you could also suggest using the sales tax revenue it would generate to fund national health care, including treatment programs for those addicted to alcohol and drugs.



Speaking of Health Care

Lots of people who voted for President Obama blindly supported anything he proposed after he took office because of his star power and magnetism. And you want that demographic to vote for you too (look them up on twitter with #UniteBlue). You need that demographic to vote for you. So start out praising Obamacare, and segue to single payer by pointing out that the best part about the ACA is the provision allowing each state to set up its own single payer system. Besides, as long as there’s going to be a mandate, why not take the middle man/insurance company out of it so that the mandated number of dollars we all pay is even less? And why not put doctors on the federal payroll? Judges are on the federal payroll and get paid from our tax dollars. What is a doctor but a judge of disease? What is a prescription or treatment but a sentence for wayward health? What is a hospital but a jail that doesn’t need bars because the people inside are too sick to get up and walk out of it? (Kidding! It’s way more fun to visit people in the hospital than jail! Unless they’re dying, of course.)




You’ve continued to associate the epidemic of gun violence with our disenfranchising health care system that doesn’t get the mentally ill the treatment they need. HRC may not realize it but “gun control” is a trigger phrase too — and what it triggers is a knee jerk reaction in many Americans to buy more guns. Tread as lightly on this issue as you did in the first debates; emphasize your concern for prevention and national health care. Then after you’ve won the nomination, you can reference the 2nd Amendment specifically to relate to libertarian voters. You’re going to need them in the general election. This is a very difficult issue because clearly something must be done; but in this millennial’s opinion, your suggestion that what must be done is getting people access to doctors to prevent these shootings in the first place is the one that will earn you the most votes in our current electoral college voting system. If presidential elections were a strict popular vote, I’d say push gun control because roughly a third of Americans own guns (not the majority by any means). But you’ll need to win many of the states with a high rate of gun-ownership if you want to win the electoral college, so your emphasis on healthcare is strategically your best bet.



Are you a pacifist? How you can align your conscientious objector past with Daniel Ellsberg & Edward Snowden and appeal to the greatest number of Americans

You said you weren’t a pacifist and you clearly aren’t or you wouldn’t have voted for the AUMF after Sept 11. Use the phrase “just war” sparingly to describe our nation’s right to defend itself if attacked on our own soil; and remind us again and again that you voted against war in Iraq.


Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower
Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower


Most people won’t doubt the validity of your being a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. We should never have been there in the first place, as the Boomers who lived through it (or lost loved ones who died for it) well know. Many of them, including over 7 million living Vietnam war vets, explained that to their gen x-er and millennial offspring. If you align yourself with Daniel Ellsberg who blew the whistle on the government’s false narrative of success in Vietnam by releasing the Pentagon Papers, (which is why you objected to it too, right?) you’ll not only tap into our country’s collective regret over the Vietnam War and how it could have been prevented or at least cut short, you’ll simultaneously appeal to the Millennials’ admiration of Snowden (70% of us think he’s a whistleblower) because Daniel Ellsberg has been such a vocal supporter of him. In fact, many younger Millennials had never heard of Daniel Ellsberg before Snowden came along.


You are wise to say Snowden should have a trial in a court of law though, rather than that the Department of Justice should drop the charges against him or that he should be pardoned because this is what the majority of Americans think. But we’re a funny people; the majority of Americans were glad to learn from the Snowden disclosures that our 4th Amendment rights were being violated by the NSA too. So while I get it that you may feel reluctant to say anything beyond, “I think Snowden played a very important role in educating the American people to the degree in which our civil liberties and our constitutional rights are being undermined,” as you said at the first debate, there are 61 million Millennial Americans who more than agree with you. Evoke memories of Ellsberg, and many other civil libertarians and peace activists and unjust war protesters, especially Boomers, are sure to notice too. And remind us again that you voted against the PATRIOT Act.


And be sure to mention that as a contractor, Snowden was not eligible for any whistleblower protections. Not from President Obama’s executive order …


… or from the Whistleblower Protection Act of 2012.



No low blows, just acknowledgement of the systemic corruption of campaign finance and the need for reform

Citizens from Hell United
Citizens from Hell United


Bernie, it’s so awesome that you haven’t said one bad word about Hillary. Millennials hate — with a PASSION — that bullshit. WE HATE IT. Thank you, Senator, for sticking to the facts! It’s awesome to point out that the % of your donors who are small donors is extremely high compared to the average campaign, and great to point out how much money has gone into the superpacs since the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions in order to show how flagrant the attempts to buy this election are, and even better to highlight that you aren’t taking a dollar of that superpac money. We know which candidates are in Wall Street’s pocket and that you aren’t one of them.


Politicians pointing out each other’s flaws instead of focusing on solutions to very real problems we would prefer to have solved doesn’t make them look better than their opponents. On the contrary, it reveals their personality weakness. Thanks, Bernie, for being the kind of politician who focuses on society’s flaws, not people’s personality flaws.


Below is a tweet from someone who has the opposite view. And as far as a winning strategy, I couldn’t disagree more. (This was one of the ways HRC embarrassed herself in 2008 — by insulting Obama over and over. It didn’t even faze him!)




Ease off the Revolution Rhetoric

There’s only one thing I’d recommend you completely eliminate or significantly reduce in your campaign, Senator, and that is any reference to a revolution. Especially during this time of recovering from the disappointment of President Obama’s promises of hope and change, the concept of revolution is a bit much. When someone says revolution to me, I think of two things, the Revolutionary War (and that we won it) and then I think of the Beatles’ song, and this line from it: “You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we’d all love to see the plan.” Revolution is a big word, Senator, and it has all kinds of terrible connotations, like no clean running water and the grid going down and rape in the streets. And death and blood and corpses and horrific fighting — and war. Even when you specify a political revolution, it just doesn’t ring true. All revolutions are political revolutions. Yes, “a revolution” has a better ring to it than “Get off your butts and participate; show a little gratitude for your freedom to vote that people died for. Apathy’s not gonna cut it. You actually do have to vote to remind Congress that they work for you and will be fired if they don’t do what you want, and this means voting every 2 years, not every 4.”  While apathy-shaming won’t work, I think the concept of revolution in this sense will make people think of a rebellious uprising more than anything else, and that will turn off a very large important demographic (Boomers) and won’t turn on any of the others.


Your campaign is still young and I’m positive there’s a far better slogan to be had, one that will appeal to people of all generations and socioeconomic backgrounds who favor overcoming income equality and seek social justice.


To Do List:

  1. Don’t miss an opportunity to remind people to get registered to vote, including tweeting reminders that in many states, you must be registered as a Democrat to be able to vote for you
  2. Define democratic socialism within the context of it already being part of our constitutional republic (saying we live in a democracy is not factually true)
  3. Use trigger phrases like constitutional republic and democratic republic; explain they are synonyms
  4. Answer questions directly even if being direct requires a lie; a straightforward lie is always better than a hesitant justification*
  5. Continue your habit of not intentionally lying
  6. Use trigger phrases like “the truth is”
  7. Explain that capitalism is voting with our dollars; then contrast that with our current rigged “capitalist” system using both “casino capitalism” and “crony capitalism” interchangeably to explain how it really works in practice
  8. Use the 3 phrases “framers of the constitution,” “founding fathers,” “Bill of Rights” and the 3 phrases “Wall St” “income inequality” “the 1%” at a ratio of 1:1 in order to appeal to both liberals and libertarians (also, a lot of people are just plain patriotic and those first 3 words mean something to them)
  9. Hillary overuses the phrase “the middle class” — don’t make her same mistake! Explain socioeconomic classes as they pertain to income inequality; there are the working poor, then there’s a working class, a lower middle class, a middle class, an upper middle class, the rich and the super rich. Below are 2 videos to help explain the insanity of the ratio of CEO pay to average worker and how much worse the reality of income inequality is compared to what we think it is.
  10. Acknowledge the working poor in the debates, those who work but can’t get full time hours because their company’s policy is no more than 32 (or however many) hours a week and consequently, they qualify for SNAP and subsidized housing. They don’t vote because no one acknowledges they even exist! And there are millions of them. If you use the phrase, “the working poor,” they’re going to look up at the TV and go, oh, my God, someone’s talking about us! The other reason they don’t vote is because they literally can’t get time off work on election day and are unaware that in many states, employers are legally required to allow workers to take time off to vote. These votes are ripe for the picking, Bernie. Snatch them up with your #15now rhetoric.






I know you’ll make a great president, Senator Sanders!





*Example: Hillary’s concise “no” when Anderson asked her if her flipflopping on issues meant she was changing them based on the demographic (“Will you say anything to get elected?”). She was verifiably lying but it came across as honest.



Ask Congress: Make College Tuition-Free at Public Institutions

Click here for an easy to use link – simply enter your zip code and Roots Action will automatically pre-fill your 2 Senators and 1 Representative’s information. Take a second, if you wish, to compare my re-write below to their text that pops up after you enter your zip code. Mine is more specific so be sure to take out “as a consistent supporter” on the second to last line if you don’t support your Congresspeople and then enter your name where I have YOUR NAME in all caps on the last line if you are going to use my text instead of Roots Action’s text.



As your constituent, I urge you to support legislative efforts to make college tuition-free. The United States has the money to do this, as some other nations do, and the 1.2 trillion (not billion – trillion!) dollar student loan debt crisis is crippling an entire generation of potential leaders, entrepreneurs, and young families – families that choose to have only one child or no children because they simply cannot afford to.






Please cosponsor and support S.1373, a parallel House bill, and any similar legislation that will provide America’s young people with the opportunity to pursue taxpayer funded higher education at any public institution.



Additionally, please support H.R.2429, the Student Loan Tax Debt Relief Act, which protects students from tax liability when a school closes or an agreement is reached with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to keep a school open.



As a consistent supporter, I thank you for taking the time to consider my view on this important issue.




You say voting doesn’t matter?

Think voting doesn’t matter? Amendments are ratified by elected state legislatures. Are you a woman? Are you black? The 15th & 19th Amendments were passed by white men! There wasn’t a single woman or black person in the entire Congress.


If your vote doesn’t matter, why did corporations go all the way to Supreme Court to get permission to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence who you’ll vote for? (Citizens United vs FEC)


If your vote doesn’t matter, why did ONE billionaire go all the way to the Supreme Court to get permission to spend unlimited amounts of money to buy it? (McCutcheon vs FEC)


If your vote doesn’t matter, why did 19 states pass laws in 2014 making it more difficult to vote? Why are they trying to legislate silence? What do they have to gain?


Voting is a matter of cause and effect. The narcissists and liars in Congress today are there because they were voted into office. So were the good ones.


I’ve said before and will say again: you can’t use logic to reason with illogical people (though with the above statements, I definitely gave it my  best shot). You have to use emotion. So, finally, please know that if you believe your vote doesn’t matter, someone is getting off on that. They’re rubbing their hands together going, moo ha ha ha … and chuckling all the way to the bank.






And not voting is weighted. Not voting at the polls is the same as voting with our silence for everything to stay the same. Consider this: the majority of eligible voters do not show up at the polls, even in presidential election years.



Elected officials may have the rule-making authority, but the masses have the power to decide who gets that authority. We the people. Rulers (“politicians”) work for us. This is the difference between power and authority: Elected officials have Authority. We have the Power to keep them on the payroll OR vote them out. They work for US. Imagine if you had been raised – known your whole life – that the day you turn 18, you become the employer of 4 federal employees — your one Representative, your two Senators, and the President.



The Divide and Conquer Method is what keeps people discouraged, keeps them from showing up at the polls, and keeps them from exercising this power to cause change – power that, if you’re an American, you came into like the richest inheritance the day you came of age. In other words, if you think the system is broken, remember, you’re supposed to.



The Myth of Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils


Think that if you voted, you’d only be voting for the lesser of two evils? That’s a myth. People are people. They have strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited, whether they work for the private sector or public. Everyone responds to incentives. We the people first have to be aware of that (that politicians are not above us or beyond us – that they work FOR us) and then we can get down to the business of reminding them, hey, you work for us. We pay your salary. And we’re watching. And in two or six years, if we don’t like your performance, we’re going to let you go.


We the People have the MOST leverage when a politician is up for re-election and has something to lose — namely, their job. Corporations are already fully aware of this! They know what the masses don’t: party doesn’t matter, threat of unemployment does.



Corporations already know what the masses don’t about leveraging re-election: the party of the individual congressperson doesn’t matter – only threat of unemployment does.



We the People have the leverage. Let’s be like corporations and say with our vote, “Congress, if you don’t do what WE want, we’ll find someone else who will – next election.”


March 2015 updates: register to vote HERE


TWEET THIS (copy/paste): it’s a common misperception that party matters. We have to think like corps&tell Congress, don’t do what we want, no re-election.


Source for above tweet:

What’s a Progressive Patriot? Not Just My New Radio Show on Sunday Nights at 10

For one, it’s the name of my new live online radio show, broadcasting from 10 pm to 11 pm Central Time on Sunday nights.





But the best way to describe one is the way I did on the first episode of the Progressive Patriot this past Sunday night:



“It’s Sunday night at 10 pm and you’ve joined your favorite progressive patriot for an evening of Social Justice promoting, Constitution loving, Bill of Rights upholding, Discussion, Interviews, and more on radio blog talk.



Hello, everyone! And welcome to tonight’s episode of the Progressive Patriot. I’m your host, Sarah Reynolds, and straight out of the gate, I want you to know that my goal – over the next hour – is to provide you with information and inspiration that will motivate you to take action.



Today, May 4, 2014 is the inaugural episode of my new radio show. For those of you who have been following me on twitter, you know that I come on about 5 minutes before midnight every night and then tweet for 2 hours or more a continuous stream of petitions, and that my slogan is a petition a day keeps the fascism away. I’ve got a phenomenal guest lined up for the very first show EVER of The progressive patriot who’s going to speak with us about the movement to get a living wage for workers also known as the #15now movement, but first, let me tell you what being a progressive patriot is. See, I hate labels, I’m not a can of soup so labels are not going to stick to me. Yes, I’m a millennial, yes, I lean to the left on most social justice issues, but my thought is that the widespread usage of either/or trigger words (such as left/right, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, red/blue etc.) — it’s all very effectively dividing and conquering us as a country. And at some moment in time, we have to ask ourselves, is that the point?



So to me, being patriotic is loving my whole country, no exceptions, everybody. And that’s why I love my vets. Try to wrap your mind around being willing to die for anyone in our country at any time. The true patriot is happy to die for any American — not just the ones who share the same political beliefs. And that is why we need people to a) run for Congress and b) become journalists who are as happy to die for our country as those who join the military, True Patriots who are not afraid of being blackmailed or having their lives threatened if they defend the Bill Of Rights and expose government corruption.




The true patriot is happy to die for any American — not just the ones who share the same political beliefs.



The Founders delineated specific protections against specific kinds of tyranny with the Bill of Rights. And if you follow me on twitter, you know my favorite is our 1st Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. When we sign petitions, we’re essentially protesting injustice and objecting to abuse of power by authority. And sustained pressure is the key. Elected officials, rulers a.k.a. politicians, have the authority, but they won’t keep their job if we vote them out and vote better people in. Remember, not voting is a weighted vote for everything to stay the same. Tonight we’re talking about raising the minimum wage, but in the future we’ll talk about everything from closing Gitmo, repealing AUMF, repealing the PATRIOT Act (which is the opposite of how a patriot would act), pulling out of NAFTA a.k.a. the North American Free Trade Agreement which has caused the loss of 1 in 4 manufacturing jobs, to stopping the TPP a.k.a. the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, getting universal health care, income inequality, Wall Street Speculation which we should choke with 1% Tobin tax on every transaction; and saving Social Security by funding it via a flat tax on all income, not just the first $113,000.”



And then I wrapped it up with:



“As we close, I challenge you to ask yourself, “what action can I take to prevent future pain of the same nature?” Remember, regret is a teacher and progress is a verb. Have a great night now, and we’ll see you right back here next Sunday night at 10 pm central time, 11 pm eastern time, 8 pm Pacific time and 9 pm mountain. Good night.”



You can listen to the archive of the very first show here.

A Sunday Sarah Update

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged since the 4th of July, and I haven’t uploaded a video to YouTube since June.



Since I began tweeting daily in April and interacting with the ever increasing members of my twitter family, I’ve come to feel very attached to you all. I made a major change to my life/schedule by quitting the 2 part time jobs I had for 2 years and trading them for one full time job back in July, and it’s been quite the positive change. On the other hand, ever since the move, I’ve found myself relegating my social justice/progressive patriotism work strictly to twitter with zero youtube/blog actvity. Due to a recent twitter war I participated in on the topic of a living wage for fast food workers, I realized that you guys know a lot about what I believe and the actions I want us all to take to ensure a more just and ethical world, but you may not know why, simply because I do not tweet much about myself (though my youtube videos do tend to divulge more of my personal feelings/experiences). For example, the other day someone on twitter assumed that I do not like hard work. I thought that was interesting because I’ve never tweeted anything to indicate that and ironically, the opposite is true. Moreover, if the positions were reversed, and I was following this person (me) who spends two hours tweeting petitions to be signed every night and seems focused on the closing of Gitmo almost to the point of obsession, I would conclude that not only does the person like hard work and indeed has a very high pain threshold, but that she also seems not to mind working hard toward that social justice goal– for free! For no pay! In the process of the back-and-forth-tweeting, the topic of passion came up, and I thought about how I WISH my passion — motivating our government/elected officials to uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the Progressive Patriot fashion — was something I could convert into a job. Good grief — that would be amazing.



And you may have noticed that I’ve started to tweet earlier in the evening and for only an hour, as of just a few days ago, so I want to update everyone — but especially my Twitter Family who I would otherwise only communicate in 140 characters or less with — on what’s going on. I figure if you’re reading this far, then you must be one of the closer members of my twitter family and might appreciate the rare view into my personal life.



Back in July I made a much needed break with the Corporation (Ecolab). I started there in 2011 and for the first time in my life, worked for a big corporation that wouldn’t give full time hours, and had implemented that strategy as a way of deliberately increasing turnover. Starting pay was $13.00/hour regardless of experience or education (not the norm at big corps) and everyone in our customer service training group was hired on for 30 hours a week, part time. Sometimes I wonder why I worked at a certain job — what was the point? Because it’s never to stay indefinitely. I work simply to have money to pay the bills so that I can work on my world-service/social justice goals — without pay — in my free time. On every project (what I call my jobs/tenures at the Big Corporations, so far Target, GE, Ecolab, and a myriad of other companies via temp agencies, Merrill Corp, Land O’Lakes, et al), I gained insight into the inner workings of corporations — and there are many good things about them, despite the greed that casts such a dark shadow at the levels of upper management. The efficiency of a corporation is unrivaled. One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years from them is that if you just keep working, as hard as you can, and take regular breaks, you can’t help but progress (the verb, not the noun). I apply that reasoning to every personal goal I’ve made and stay motivated that way because I never ever feel that I’m not making progress. Why? Because I always am.



But specifically at Ecolab, there were two reasons I was there — and I do mean this in a spiritual sense. I don’t view myself as someone who has free will in the conventional way. I feel that I am moved around on the chess board of life to wherever I can bring the most truth or joy or service or love to people. And there were 2 super important things accomplished during my time there. The 2nd was that I found out (because, you know, people talk … and other people listen ) that in 1988, the hiring wage for a customer service rep at Ecolab was $8.00/hour and everyone was hired full time. Guess what eight 1988 dollars converts to in 2011 dollars? $15.19. And they were hiring at $13.25 when I left in 2013 but eight 1988 dollars turns out to be $15.92 in 2013 dollars. How did this conversation happen to come about? One of the assistant supervisors was celebrating her 25th anniversary (in 2013) and was telling me a story about when she was a “poor little CSR making only $8.00 an hour” back when she started. My jaw dropped (I don’t have a poker face — I am really good at getting people to tell me everything they know, but not at not reacting to that information) and I said, “In 1988? You were hired at eight dollars an hour — full time?” Yes, she said. Everyone was. You had the option to go down to part time but most people didn’t. I practically teleported back to my desk where I googled “inflation calculator” and found this spectacular one from Dollar Times. To put it even more disappointingly into perspective, I was hired on at Target Corp as a full time returned check collector at $12.35/hour for the 1st 90 days, then $12.72/hour after that grace period, back in 2004 ($15.85 in 2013 dollars), and $13.75/hour plus incentive as a full time debt collector at GE Money Bank in 2008 ($15.03 in 2013 dollars). But learning that tidbit was most likely secondary to the other goal: On the first day of training, I was seated next to a woman a few years younger than I am who had recently given up on online dating. We hit it off right away, having both worked for corporate coffee shop chains, both loving French press coffee, and enjoyed a conversation or two about politics and religion. As I had just gone on a date with someone from Ok Cupid and was about to go on one with someone from Match, I was unsubtly encouraging her to go back on (what I call the Full Sarah Effect, including random bursts into song). I had literally just ordered a slew of books off the internet on the topic and lent her them, one by one. She was a very unique case, looking for something very specific, and at that point was a little despondent. Over the next 8 months, long after I had cancelled my memberships to all the sites I’d been on, I would check in with her everyday to make sure she was still communicating with her matches. She had one false start — from the way she described this guy, I knew he was not a good match, and I did my best to assure her that her soulmate was looking for her too and that the doubt/hesitation she was feeling was the indicator that this guy was not the one. Boom — the next guy was it. He exactly personified the unique components she was looking for and so what if he lived a thousand miles a way? I said. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. They got married in June at her parents’ house (a year after being matched) and on the drive home from the wedding, I knew I was done. I got that familiar feeling, like a click, as if everything is clicking into place, and knew that I would be leaving that job soon. (The $8.00/hour conversation happened a month or two months before that June wedding). I applied for my current job a few days later and started July 22. (This whole time of course, since there was no way in hell I could live on $390/week, I was also working 16-20 hours a week at a retail store as a part time associate, so I’d work there from 9:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m. usually 3 mornings a week and then catch the 1:27 bus to get to Ecolab by 2:00 and work till 8:00 pm.)



Those kinds of experiences are not unique for me. There’s always something I “have to” do at every job that has nothing to do with the job description and then it’s on to the next company. And all the “overcoming objections” skills I learned at Target as a debt collector, honed at GE as a debt collector, and am using again in my current position as a debt collector, are skills I apply every single night on Twitter and in my youtube videos and in my blog. People don’t always naturally want to do the right thing and lots of good people on twitter don’t feel motivated to take action at all. I love inspiring people. I love inspiring people to take action and reminding them that they are not alone in their desire for justice and truth.



So here’s the bad thing that happened. I’ve gotten sick 3 times since I started the new job because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. And of course, I still went to work every time I was sick instead of staying home to rest which prolonged the cold, ear infection, and hacking cough. The cough that sounded like pneumonia lasted 3 weeks. Now, I am a very healthy, naturally resilient person. For me to be sick for three weeks is bizarre. I’ve never been sick longer than 4 days in my life. I finally stopped coughing up crap on Friday. And that’s when I realized I have to go to sleep by midnight, no matter what. While I was working the 2 jobs, I never had to get up earlier than 8:30 a.m. and some days not before 11 a.m. Now I get up at 6:30 a.m. 4 of 7 days a week; tweeting till 3 a.m. is just not conducive to a healthy immune system when you end up exposing yourself to all kinds of viruses on 3.5 hours of sleep. So last weekend I spent the entire two days catching up on sleep and by Sunday night, knew I wanted to make some kind of adjustment. It has been really hard. My inner clock is very set on 2nd shift mode so I have been making myself get at least 6 hours of sleep and get into my bed with eyes closed no later than 12:30 a.m.



Making videos is now a little more challenging as well; my friend who films them was also a coworker at the previous job, so we could film them during a morning I wasn’t also working the other job, before work. It’s not impossible — we can always film on weekends, but I have been so frequently sick and then consequently unprepared, that I haven’t made one I thought was good enough to upload. We did go to Nathan Hale Park in August and make one on Snowden and Manning, but it was 45 minutes long. I thought that was just way too long and wanted to refilm it, and make it more concise. This is hard for me — you know how I memorize a lot of info and then have my progressive patriot commentary. So I thought, 45 minutes isn’t too long for a radio show! So I downloaded the app for Spreaker to make it an internet broadcast. This is definitely still in the works, as are more NHP videos.



So how do you like this journal format for a blog post? All my other posts are about some kind of political or social justice issue. This one is about me. I have a feeling that it will increase my effectiveness as a social justice activist/Bill of Rights enthusiast if I interact more with people on twitter and share more of my personal life via my blog. After my 48 hours of hibernating last weekend, I woke up very refreshed and this idea to make the Messages to Millennials as much about the messenger as the messages occurred to me. It’s not one of those things where you can go back though, and because of this, I slept on it (for 7 nights). Outcome? I decided to go for it.



Be sure to watch for more blog posts and Sunday Sarah Updates now that I’ve got my schedule more mapped out. Now that I only have the one job, my weekends (if not spent catching up on sleep, which I hope to never do again) are free to blog/research/record. I may even tweet a selfie!

Collecting Social Security via Flat Tax instead of a Regressive Tax would Fund it through 2080

First of all, since WordPress won’t let me embed the poll image inside a post and inside a widget, here’s the link to the poll or you can vote in the widget on the right hand side of this blog page.


The question is, should Social Security be funded via a flat tax instead of a regressive tax?



You probably know that income tax in the United States is progressive, meaning not only do you pay more dollars in tax the more you earn, you also pay a higher percentage of your income. A flat tax as an income tax would take one percentage — say 10% for easy math examples — and apply it across the board. So, the argument goes, yes, the person who makes $20,000 pays the same percentage as the person who makes $200,000, but the first person only pays $2,000 and the second pays the yearly income of the first person. The progressive tax takes into consideration that as you make more money, your quality of life is likely to increase as well and so from that stand point, the flat tax, although “consistent” is not “fair.”



Ironically, the Social Security tax of 6.2% is not even a flat tax. It does not come close to consistent, to say nothing of fair. It’s not fair. It is inconsistent and unjust. Here’s why:


The maximum amount anyone could possibly pay in SS payroll tax (6.2%) is $7,049: this is because only income up to $113,700 is taxed.

6.2% on $25k = $1550

6.2% on $35k = $2170

6.2% on $50k = $3100

6.2% on $75k = $4650

6.2% on $100k = $6200

6.2% on $113,700 = $7049 —-> the MAX anyone ever pays



Once you earn more than $113,700, you never pay  more than $7049. From thereon out, the percentage of your income that you pay into social security goes down — it decreases; i.e. it becomes a regressive tax.

So if you make $150k then $7,049 = 4.7% of your income.

If you make $200,000 then $7,049 = 3.5% of your income.

If you make $250,000 then $7,049 = 2.0% of your income.

If you make $500,000 then $7,049 = 1.4% of your income.

If you are a millionaire, you pay in 1/10th of one percent!



Is it fair? You do the math.

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden is on his own, says the Government (allegedly)


The Navy SEAL who shot and killed Osama bin Laden tells Esquire that he was thanked by the Federal Government for his 16 years of service and has now essentially been informed that, to paraphrase the President in an ironic way, “You’re on your own.”



If this is really true, it’s really horrifying and makes me sad. Let’s remember to extend the benefit of the doubt here (remember, the benefit of the doubt — the doubt of someone’s guilt until there’s proof of it beyond a shadow of a doubt — along with the presumption of their innocence are two of the most patriotic ideals we could ever uphold as Americans and as American Millennials who will eventually be predominant representative generation of our country to the world). And, if this degree of injustice really happened, which we can only know for certain once the evidence is out and available for full examination, let’s remember to request that the government make amends and do the right thing, a.k.a., petition it/them/ourselves for a redress of grievances (see the First Amendment).

What a fascist regime looks like

Question: What does a fascist regime look like?

Answer: Russia.



In Russia, if you criticize the government in public, you end up in prison. What will the charge be? “Hooliganism.” The women of the Rock Group “Pussy Riot” did exactly this in February of 2012 by shouting, “Mother Mary, please drive Putin away,” in a protest act inside Christ Savior Cathedral in Moscow. Today, October 1, is their appeal trial. Before taking action and signing the petition below, let’s reflect on how lucky we are in the United States to have our multiple rights to freedom of expression (specifically, freedom of speech, the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and freedom of religion) protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Now let’s reflect on the irony. These women were praying for mercy from the tyranny of a fascist regime, out loud, in public.

From my friends at Avaaz:

“Facing 2 years in jail for singing a song criticizing President Putin in a church, a member of Pussy Riot gestured to the court and said in her show-trial’s closing statements, “Despite the fact that we are physically here, we are freer than everyone sitting across from us … We can say anything we want…”

Russia is steadily slipping into the grip of a new autocracy — clamping down on public protest, allegedly rigging elections, intimidating media, banning gay rights parades for 100 years, and even beating critics like chess master Garry Kasparov. But many Russian citizens remain defiant, and Pussy Riot’s eloquent bravery has galvanized the world’s solidarity. Now, our best chance to prove to Putin there is a price to pay for this repression lies with Europe.”



Sound familiar? The Dixie Chicks protested the U.S government in 2003 during a London concert ten days before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, when lead vocalist Maines said, “we don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States [George W. Bush] is from Texas.” Only they didn’t end up in prison.



Please join me in signing the petition from my friends at Amnesty International:

“As an Amnesty activist, you know we don’t need a bulldozer to free a prisoner – just the power of our voices. And we need your voice more than ever as [the women of members of the rock band] Pussy Riot face[s] an appeal hearing on October 1st.

Turn up the volume of protest to end the political persecution of Pussy Riot. Send your message calling for the unconditional release of Nadya, Masha and Katja.

Nadya and the other members of Pussy Riot went to the cathedral to give Russia – and the rest of the world – a wake-up call. They felt it was their civic duty to expose the corruption and repression they saw.

Pussy Riot stood up for their ideals. As artistic expression. Nonviolently. Legally.

Except, of course, in Putin’s Russia, where their dissent was stifled and condemned as “hooliganism.”

But there is hope. The world is watching. Last week, Pyotr Verzilov travelled with his daughter Gera to the United States to work with Amnesty to raise awareness for his wife’s case. During the Amnesty International Youth Town Hall, Aung San Suu Kyi met with Pyotr and Gera and called for the release of the women. With Amnesty at her side, Yoko Ono gave the band the LennonOno Grant for Peace to honor their courage.

During their visit, Pyotr expressed how moved he was by your advocacy on behalf of his wife and the other courageous women imprisoned for expressing their opinions peacefully:

“We are grateful to Amnesty International for your work on the case and all of your support. The most important thing you can do is rally people. We need your voices.”

Use your voice to tell the Russian authorities to release Nadya, Masha and Katja. Take a stand for free speech and human rights before Pussy Riot’s Oct. 1 appeal hearing.

In solidarity,

Michelle Ringuette
Chief of Campaigns & Programs
Amnesty International USA”



Here’s the letter I sent to Russia’s Prosecutor General today:

“I am deeply concerned about the imprisonment of Maria Alekhina, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova for performing a protest song in a cathedral as part of the feminist punk group “Pussy Riot” on February 21, 2012.

The two-year prison sentence handed down to Maria Alekhina, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova  is far too severe. The cathedral performance was a peaceful protest against President Vladimir Putin and those leaders of the Orthodox Church who have supported his repressive tactics.

While it is true that many Russians were offended by Pussy Riot’s actions, the women never incited violence and they do not deserve prison terms. They were prosecuted for political reasons and they are prisoners of conscience.

I call on you to immediately and unconditionally release the three imprisoned members of Pussy Riot. It is up to you to uphold the fundamental right to freedom of expression in Russia and ensure that there are no additional arrests or trials related to this case.”



Let’s take action and join our voices in protesting injustice and objecting to government abuse of power anywhere and everywhere on Earth.