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March on the National Mall to Defeat the Vaccine Mandates: Sunday, January 23, 2022

Well, it turns out omicron is a cold. Scotland, Mexico and El Salvador lifting C-19 restrictions is just the beginning. The Pandemic is wrapping up nicely. (Read more in my latest substack here.) After a year of fighting vaccine mandates and vaccine passports (see my previous post on this blog), I am thrilled and relieved that someone finally organized a march here in DC from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to Defeat the unconstitutional Mandates. It’s happening this Sunday, January 23, 2022. Per the website, meet at the Washington Monument by 10:30 a.m. Walking begins at 11:30 a.m. There is a mandate in place here in DC to show your vaxx card in order to enter restaurants, forcing restaurant owners and their employees to act as an enforcement arm of the state. It took effect January 15, 2022. Buuuuut there’s no mandate across the river in Arlington, Virginia where the newly sworn in Governor of the Commonwealth is so anti-mass psychosis that he may even withhold funding to school districts who enforce a mask mandate! Yep, it’s over. (Mayor Bowser, just tell the deep state operatives you tried. They’ll give you an A for effort for sure!!)

And here’s how we really know even the CDC is grasping at straws. They’re calling people like me and asking them to participate in a vaccination survey. On January 11, 2022 they did call me. After ignoring their first attempt to reach me, I decided I would answer the phone this time.

It was only a 10 minute survey and the guy was really nice. He thanked me after every answer! (LOL, because it’s a very effective NLP/mind control/interview technique which works on people who respond to praise from parental/authority figures — HR people use it a lot; to be fair, this guy was just reading a script albeit very sincerely. I swear I heard just the hint of amusement in his voice when I said, “decline to answer” to about 7 questions in a row).

First words out of his mouth were: 

In no way will your answers affect the amount of public assistance you receive or qualify for in the future (!!!) 

And the first out of mine were, 

How’d you get my number?

He said they call a random sampling of cell phone numbers. This is probably actually true. I used to conduct phone surveys and my boss, the owner of the research company, often purchased phone numbers based on the billing zip code on record with the carrier, regardless of the area code.

They asked my zip code, age, gender (and if I identified as transgender) and I was happy to answer these questions. They asked me the number of people in my household and I was happy to answer that. When they asked for my level of education, income, sexual orientation, marital status, and whether or not I was pregnant or attempting to become pregnant, I declined to answer.

They asked me if I had been vaccinated once, twice, or zero times, I said zero. They asked me how likely I would be to get vaccinated. I said never. They asked me how easy would it be for me to get vaccinated if I wanted to, I said extremely easy. They asked me if to my knowledge I had ever had Covid-19, I hesitated and conceded that I do not know since I’ve never been tested. They asked me if my employer required me to be vaccinated, I gleefully answered NO.

They asked me if my employer required me to be vaccinated, I gleefully answered NO.

They asked me to estimate, of all my family and friends, about how many were vaxxed. I said about half. They asked me if I had health insurance; I suspect this is a way of ascertaining whether a respondent’s insurance (if any) is through their employer or through Medicaid.

What a difference 8 months make, I can tell you that much. Last May (of 2021) I was incensed over the idea of having to disclose my vaccination status — my personal health information — to anyone. I lost my job over it in fact! (Read more about that here.) Today I’ll tell anyone who points in my general direction, HELL NO I’M NOT VAXXED AND I PRAY TO GOD YOU AREN’T EITHER. IT’S CALLED ANTIBODY DEPENDENCE ENHANCEMENT, GOOGLE IT. THAT’S WHAT THESE EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY INJECTIONS CAUSE.

So what’s the point? What’s the purpose behind the CDC’s data gathering? Recon.

So what’s the point? What’s the purpose behind the CDC’s data gathering? Recon.

They know they’ve reached a plateau: way way fewer Americans than expected have been duped by the vaxaganda & way way fewer Americans than predicted think mandates are acceptable. So they’re sticking their feelers out to see if the “hesitancy” is rooted in a certain demographic so they can tailor the next round of radio spots, the next round of TV ads, the next round of MSM fear porn, to specifically LGBT or specifically to Blacks or specifically to people with PhD’s, etc.

What I decided between the first call from the CDC and the second was to give the CDC exactly enough data to be counted. I ignored the first call (screw you, CDC, I thought, none of your business if I’m vaxxed) but on second thought realized, hey wait a sec, this is very much like voting. My voice as a woman in Washington, DC who has not been vaccinated and never fucking will consent to be gets to be heard — and countedThat’s why I picked up the phone. And that’s why you should too if you happen to get a phone call.

This collective global insanity is almost over, praise God. Want to make your voice heard in another fantastic way?? Join me and SHOW UP at the Defeat the Mandates March here in Washington, DC on Sunday, January 23, 2022. See you there!